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April - 2009 - issue > STARTUP CITY
Jayakishore Bayadi
Wednesday, April 1, 2009
When one looks at the evolution of technology industry, it is usually the hardware devices that have shrunk in size. However there have been lesser examples of software platforms, which have been of smaller size. Vaakya Technologies, a Bangalore based four-year-old startup, focused on fundamental research and development of innovative software infrastructure products, recognized the opportunity here and built a 1.5MB sized framework.

CEO Sudarsan K
PRODUCTS: Vaakya IDE's: DEVO Desktop /DEVO Collaborative ServerDeployment Frameworks: Vaakya Rich Client APP Server, Vaakya Web Portal Server / SaaS Delivery Server.
CUSTOMERS: Customers in Automotive and Engineering space in Europe and a few ISV customers in India & U.S.
BUSINESS MODEL: By selling software licenses of various framework products. Primary target is Enterprise Application / SaaS vendors, Mobility Application Vendors. COMPETITORS: PHP,. NET, Java, Flex, PERL, Python and others.
WEBSITE: www.vaakya.com

DIFFERENTIATOR: Vaakya is a Descriptive Scripting Language and a Software Platform, created to develop and deliver enterprise software applications efficiently, rather than using a generic system level programming language for the same.

The Vaakya Software Platform is based on patent pending Distributed Computing Architecture, consisting of cross-platform / integrated infrastructure components, such as a database, graphics engine, communications interface, client and server components, all within a tiny footprint (less than 1.5 MB), thereby providing a single computation environment. Though popular development platforms like .NET or Java provide a basket of generic programming languages, it requires a byte code interpreter and several middleware, and front-end components. Also, design, development and deployment of software using such different languages and components require deep programming skills, lot of time and money.

There are other issues like managing of large code base, interoperability issues, high cost of delivery, implementation and maintenance. And once the architecture of applications is developed, one has to redesign and re-program the whole stuff to scale various deployment models. Using Vaakya, instead of developing software separately for different deployment models, it enables developers to design and develop applications once and deploy them in a standalone, client-server or on a Saas based model without any re- architecting. WHAT'S NEXT? Current focus is India market and eyeing to penetrate into large enterprise market along with SaaS ISV's and Small and Mid-sized Business.a Saas based model without any re-architecting.

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