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The World’s New R&D Factory
Pradeep Shankar
Friday, December 15, 2006
India has long enjoyed a reputation as a destination for IT Services and business process outsourcing. Now, the country is fast emerging as a major center for cutting-edge research and development (R&D) projects for global multinationals.

Starting with Texas Instruments, which setup its R&D center in India in 1985, over 1000 small, mid and big technology companies across verticals have set up their R&D hubs or engineering centers in India.

In many cases, such as Dell, Oracle, Intel, Adobe, ST Microelectronics, SAP and others, the India R&D center is their largest facility outside the U.S. or Europe. Others including IBM, Texas Instruments, Delphi, HP, Microsoft, GE, Philips, Motorola, Yahoo, Google, Cisco, and Siemens have been tapping Indian talent for conducting cutting-edge research, with an eye to deliver new generations of products faster to the global market.

The country is today drawing 25 percent of fresh global investments in R&D centers. India’s innovation basket is all set to swell, as it continues to be a hot R&D destination for companies large and small.

In this issue we feature the Dell India R&D center. Not many companies today develop complete systems in their India centers like Dell. The complexity of the product development that happens here reflects the kind of work that could be executed from India. If one were to go by Dell’s approach, the envelope of work that could be done in India can increase manifold.

Interestingly, what has fuelled the growth of technology product companies in India is the influx of returnees—people of Indian origin working in the U.S. who want to go back and be a part of India’s growth story. Even at our siliconindia Job Fairs across the U.S., we have witnessed several tech professionals excited about the opportunities in India. They see India as the place to be.

The knowledge revolution has begun. In 2007, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of siliconindia, we will bring you exciting stories of India’s growth story. At the same time, we will connect back with the who’s who of Indians in the Valley and see what they are thinking at this point in time.

All of us at siliconindia wish you the best of the season.

Pradeep Shankar

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