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The Present Entrepreneurial Challenges are Fast-paced
Naren Gupta
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Nexus Venture Partners is a venture capital fund, founded in 2006, has about $600 million under management with an active portfolio of over forty companies across technology, Internet, consumer, media and business services sectors.

In the current enterprise technology sector, the latest trends revolve around products capable of addressing the requirements of small and mid-size enterprises and products making marketing and operations more effective. Companies are in search of products that are rapid pay-off and are easy to install and maintain. Also, products that could be brought into a company by a department or a small group of users for further expansion into bigger organizations are more likely to be successful. In the recent past, large-numbers of start-ups with focus on enterprises have emerged. For start-ups, productive and secure use of smart phones and tablets by corporate employees remains an attractive area. We at Nexus, are excited about funding exceptional entrepreneurs. The industry is also undergoing changes with respect to technology with several disruptive trends surfacing. The noteworthy trends include Big Data, Cloud, Security, Mobility, and the IT infrastructure required to support these technologies.

Current Entrepreneurs have to Tackle Fast-phased Challenges

When it comes to challenges faced by entrepreneurs, there have not been many changes, considering the last twenty years. However, I observe that the pace at which changes happen has accelerated significantly, requiring the leadership team to be more agile and responsive to emerging requirements. In the present times, products and solutions are purchased not merely on the basis of their features, but also based on the ease of deployment, usage and maintenance. Also, experience emerges as another important matter.

There are Several Opportunities for Start-ups

From a start-up perspective, there are several areas with potential for opportunities. Cloud solutions, Mobility, Security and Big Data form the areas with utmost potential. Considering Big Data Analytics, its importance lies in deriving actionable conclusions from large sparse data, arriving at vertical market solutions, and zeroing in on multi-processor implementation technologies. The cloud assumes significance when it comes to migration technologies for integrating non-cloud opportunities to cloud. The other important aspects regarding use of cloud are associated with products supporting open stack deployments and storage and networking technologies for multi-tenant clouds. Similarly, Mobility has facilitated collaboration and end-point data protection and security. Lastly, it has been easy to protect data on cloud as well as a plethora of devices with the emergence of Security features. Moreover, Security has been critical while countering emerging attacks too. (As told to Anitha)
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