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Ten silly reasons Techies give during an Exit Interview
Sanjeev Jain
Thursday, June 1, 2006
Entrepreneurial Bug
I want to be an entrepreneur and go on my own. Harry C.D., Director HR, Tejas Networks.
“A techie at my former workplace claimed to have found investors who would like to see him start his company soon. Barely a few days later I heard he was working in another company.”

Remedy: When someone says he wants to become an entrepreneur, ask him for opportunities to employ your friends and relatives.

Power Girls
No babes, Won’t work B.L. Sathish, HR Executive, Adamya Computing Technologies, Bangalore.

“One of our former employee felt that there are very few women techies in our office, which wasn’t inspiring him to work. The environment looks good when beautiful girls are around and that the guys wanted to notice themselves in women’s eyes, which gives them a fillip to work harder and build up a macho image. In fact, when one becomes closer to a girl, definitely he doesn’t move out.”

Remedy: A classic Shakespeare statement- ‘To be or Not To be.’ So have an equal number of female employees and see how the employees stay with the company.

Love on the Job
I can’t see anyone else in her place.
B.N. Rajendra HR Manager, TriVium iCope Technology, Bangalore.

“There was this guy who fell in love with a front office executive. Apparently they were from the same state and their friendship grew. It was probably a one-way love and the guy supposed he would eventually marry her. The front office executive wasn’t even aware of his overtures and quit for better prospects. This guy was distressed when he did not see her for a few days and he stopped coming to work. When questioned he said he couldn’t see anyone else in her place and wanted to join the company where she was working.”

Remedy: Companies must keep a check on love affairs and try to counsel their cupid-struck employees.

Italian Factor
“Four deaths in the family. I want to be with my parents at this moment of grief. Michael Mili, HR Manager, Think 3 Designs India, Bangalore.

“We sent one of our new recruits to our Italian office for training. He was mandated to take a bigger responsibility soon. He came back within a month citing four deaths in the family. He neither reported for work nor resigned. He deserted his work. I actually wonder why did he have to ‘kill his relatives’ if wasn’t interested in work. Could have just made his feeling known. We could have helped.”

Remedy: When you don’t want to work in a company, don’t kill your relatives. They are as precious as your job is.

Marriages and Dowry
Am getting married. Need to pay dowry.
Umesh Kumar, HR Manager, Global Edge Software, Bangalore.

“During an exit interview a girl gave me the reason that she was getting married to a Noida based boy, hence she was quitting. She also mentioned that she had to give the boy some money as dowry, which was prevalent in their system. To my horror, I saw her at a hotel in Bangalore on the day she claimed she was getting married!”

Remedy: When you resign on the pretext of marriage and are found loitering around, claim your marriage was cancelled.

Left and Right Indicator Funda
Am bugged with the technology industry and want to change my profession for a living.”
Meena Sastry, Assistant Manager-HR Xalted Information Systems, Bangalore.

“A former employee at my previous work place said he was bored to tears with the technology industry itself. The job was becoming monotonous. Problem solving, removing bugs, staying late at work and speaking to the team members staying abroad was taking a toll on him. He rather preferred teaching or training.”

Remedy: When you can’t handle pressure in this industry, you can’t handle it anywhere else. Be a part of the system.

Disease borne- U.S. bound-No show
Am suffering from jaundice. Won’t come to the office for a few days. Sanjay Patil, Director, Corporate Support, Ensim India, Pune.

There was an engineer at my previous workplace in Mumbai who stopped coming to work. When we inquired, he said he had jaundice. We believed him as he came from Dombivali, an area known for heavy jaundice rates. His absenteeism continued for days together. One day when we called up to check on his health, his parents said he flew to the U.S. with his fiancé and was working with another company there.”

Remedy: When an employee suffers from any disease, the company should take the responsibility of getting him treated lest the employee flee away.

On the Bus, Out of Job
I feel sick traveling by the company bus.
Sujata Saha, Director, HRD, Manhattan Associates, Bangalore.

“There was this girl who joined a year ago and quit within a month saying she did not like the bus that the company provided for her transport. She felt sick traveling in it. Obviously we cannot buy or hire a new bus for her and so we let her go. Apparently she did not like the company and gave a very hilarious reason to leave the company. I often wonder how a middle class girl like her, who has traveled in buses could complain about the bus travel.”

Remedy: It’s a catch 22 situation. Employees complain when they have a transport facility and complain when they don’t.

Glass faceted living
My Father in Law likes glass buildings and wants me to work in one. Malini Lakshman, Director, HRD, HealthAsyst, Bangalore.
“The individual has been with the company for 1+ year and has been recently married. He claims that his father-in-law recently visited the office and felt that he should be working in a posh, swanky office, typically the glass faceted buildings located in posh areas. I have met many people who listen to parents and wives but the first person who listens to his father in law.

Remedy: As a rule, never let your father in law visit your workplace.

Offshored? Onsite Opportunity
This company offers no onsite opportunity. Ganesh Subramanyam, Associate Vice President-HRD, Sonata Software, Bangalore.

“Most candidates that I have met during the exit interview say they are leaving the company because it does not offer enough onsite opportunity and they want to work onsite. I find this weird because at a time when most IT related jobs are getting done from India and when most companies have major operations here, there’s no need to go onsite.”

Remedy: Send the employees onsite and make sure they stay there for a considerably long time.
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