February - 2006 - issue > Tech Tempermeter
Imran Shahnawaz
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Sreekanth Gopinathan, Programming Analyst, Infosys Technologies Ltd.

“It is the work pressure that raises my temper. Meeting deadlines are very important in my profession, whether or not I have the resources. Generally there is no work pressure, but it goes up during the last few weeks before we meet our deadline,” says Sreekanth Gopinathan.

I usually move out from the offensive place and try to relax my mind before I start re-working. I like to meditate to relieve my work pressure but due to time constraints I can’t do it, says Gopinathan.

The best way to handle this situation is proper planning of work and commitment of each person towards their own work, so that the burden does not fall on another person.

Susanta Kumar Sahu, Technical Lead, Tavant Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

“When I do a job, which I feel is difficult, and over it if anybody gives me additional work at the same time it raises my temper,” says Susanta Kumar Sahu.

But there is no other way, to survive in this stress-oriented industry. One has to do multiple jobs at the same time, he says. Drinking water helps me a lot to reduce my temper and I proceed ahead. Discussing about the problem with team members and management will definitely help overcome the situation, says Sahu.
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