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Tech Tempermeter
Imran Shahnawaz
Saturday, April 1, 2006
Narasimha Murthy, Senior Software Engineer, Wipro Technologies Ltd

“Having multiple commitments at the same time is the basic reason of frustration. Once I had given time to one of my friends to meet and due to work, I was not able to reach there on time. He started callling me and that made me really angry,” says Narasimha Murthy.

To keep my temper under control I meditate everyday and like to walk. I feel that really helps me a lot in reducing my work pressure and overcome my temper, he says.

Murthy feels, every person has certain limitations to handle work and if they get more work beyond their limitation they get frustrated. Hence the solution is to take only that much work which a person can handle.

Sankar Rao, Manager, Oracle India
“To incorporate new requirements and changes to the project which has already been developed with previous requirements makes me really annoyed,” says Sankar Rao. This has happened with me when I was handling a support development project and the problem was to finish it in the same time, he added.
But that is part of our job and being annoyed is not going to solve the problem. So, instead of reacting to the situation I try to analyze the situation as to why this has happened and how can I solve this problem, says Rao.

The only solution to overcome this type of situation is to get ready for the worst. It is a part of the game and nobody can predict anything. If any changes have to be incorporated then there is no other choice.
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