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Soccer matters!
ST Team
Friday, September 1, 2006
Headcount: 55

I look out for two traits in candidates while recruiting. One, whether they can take risks and another, if they are ambitious. These are the prerequisites before working in any organization and that alone can push a person up the career ladder.

A scientifically proven study developed in Arizona has stated that the first child in a family is intellectual and the second is believed to be creative and inventive and best suited in the IT industry. I have followed this method and have found out for myself that this theory works!

Experience matters, but while recruiting a fresher, you can’t just close your eyes to him because of his inexperience. No CEO is born in a day.

Once I confronted a similar situation when we met a soccer-fan in a candidate. We asked him to do a presentation on soccer and he took that opportunity and in front of 50 others, made a presentation on soccer, relating it to his job profile. He demonstrated strategies used in the game and co-related the field with IT companies. This impressed me and we immediately hired him.

Analytical skills prove the real worth of candidates. To a question like “What’s the approximate number of vehicles in X city”, the candidate can roughly estimate it by finding out the degree of population in that city and calculate accordingly.

What is essential is to think of possible solutions rather than give a hurried ‘I don’t know’, for an answer. Similarly, I have an aversion to candidates who quit jobs on the pretext of money. In the long run money really doesn’t give job satisfaction. Money should not be the key driver; it has to be career progression. We once had a candidate who had quit his earlier job on the look out for more money. Needless to say we did not hire him.

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