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Six Indians in 100 best-paid executives in Bay Area
si Team
Friday, June 2, 2006
Six Indians found their way into the top 100 highly paid executives in Bay Area with Shantanu Narayen, President and COO of Adobe Systems, leading the six at No. 38. Narayen, who recently created news by co-pioneering the $3.4 billion acquisition of Macromedia Inc., in 2005, draws a sum total of $14,195,360 with an option gain of $13,105,438.

Close on heels is Sanjay Mehrotra, 42, the Executive Vice President and COO of SanDisk Corp. Having co-founded SanDisk in 1988, Mehrotra earns an option gain of $12,506,277 annually, raising his total annual income to $13,792,580, gearing him to the 39th spot.

Having joined eBay as the Finance Director in 1998, Rajiv Dutta, 47, the Chief Finance Officer and Senior Vice-President of eBay, is renowned for his successful establishment and infrastructure of eBay’s financial planning, reporting and forecast systems. His efforts have placed him at No. 61 with an optional gain of $7,993,726 and a total earning of $9,105,037.

Vyomesh Joshi, 44, popularly known as VJ, is the executive vice president of the Imaging and Printing Group at Hewlett-Packard. Figuring at No. 71, Joshi draws an annual total of $7,042,920 with an optional gain of $1,123,679.

At 41, Abhijit Talwalkar is the President and Chief Executive Officer of LSI Logic, drawing an annualized base salary of $4,906,424. Talwalkar, elected to the LSI Logic Corporation ‘s Board of Directors in May 2005, ranks at No. 89.

Kamal K. Aggarwal, 69, is former Executive Vice President of Central Technology and Manufacturing Group at National Semiconductors. Ranked 99, Aggarwal earned a total gain of $3,450,020, drawing an annual pay of $4,417,920.
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