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SecurView Innovating Managed Security Solution and Pro-active Incident Response
Rajeev Khanolkar
President and CEO-SecurView
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Today, cloud and mobility are at the forefront of every business. The industry plans to utilize these technologies to improve productivity, bring flexibility, and reduce IT costs. This environment creates security challenges related to cloud infrastructure, mobile devices, and app-store based applications. SecurView, a cyber-security company, offers security solutions to meet customers' business requirements.

"There are two types of security challenges associated with cloud and data centers, known as north-south and east-west traffic," says Rajeev Khanolkar, President and CEO of SecurView. North-south refers to the traffic entering a cloud, whereas east-west refers to traffic within the cloud's virtual servers and applications. "This is a new area people are learning, but its management requires a different approach to successfully operate," states Khanolkar.

SecurView also provides advisory, integration, and managed security services. Advisory services identify security gaps in the customers' networks/cloud environment and provide recommendations. Integration services remedy the identified security gaps with appropriate security solutions. Managed security services provide management of the implemented security solutions. In short, SecurView has a complete cyber security solution available to customers to meet cloud and mobility requirements.

"Prior to SecurView, I founded a company called netForensics [which built a SIEM platform]. During my time there, we provided a software product that collected data from various security sources, correlated them, and presented information. But the product did not provide all the answers," affirms Khanolkar. For example, it lacked the 'intelligence data' to identify threat areas.

This eventually led to the design of CASPER, a SaaS delivery platform. CASPER brings data from SIEM, threat intelligence sources, integrated workflow, advance correlation, knowledge base, and post-event analysis. It integrates ananomaly detection solution and Big-Data Analytics from "CyberFlow Analytics" in order to identify potential cyber threats. This new behavioral analytics capability has led to the development of a set of continuous monitoring capabilities known as "Continuous Threat Defense" (CTD). It can be used in Threat Assessment, Managed SOC or a more Proactive Incident Response service. The technology will machine learn normal behavior of your devices (assets) of your network and identify high risk anomalies. Examples are elevated risks such as Employee Policy Violations, infected VPN devices, or BYOD (new devices). CTD has been proven to reduce detection time by over 50% and has successfully caught low-slow sophisticated attacks. As a result, CASPER provides pro-active incident response capability. "We delivered CASPER when we entered the managed services business because we felt that customers needed a trusted advisor to provide security services," says Khanolkar.

SecurView is planning to provide proactive incident response capability to several of its service provider customers around the world. The early feedback from the customers is positive. CTD installs in hours and within few hours it starts building history of communication within the network and customers start seeing the benefits. In short, SecurView's CTD service has powerful incident response capability which is easy to implement, cost effective and capable of addressing evolving cyber security threat landscape.

Going forward, SecurView is reinventing its technology based on market trends in order to be more accessible to companies at large. "We want to continue to create high-quality and affordable technology in the security environment that any business can benefit from. It's a part of our vision and we want to exemplify it in everything that we do," concludes Khanolkar.

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