SaaS, Mobile and Cloud are Potential Focus Points
Sanjay Subhedar
Co-founder & Managing Director-Storm Ventures
Monday, January 6, 2014
It is true that every investment made towards the Information Technology field returned with fruits over the last decade. Historically we at Storm Ventures have been on the same course. Now the investment segment has changed. Although a third of the company's investments were in semiconductors, now there is little air to blow in there. Earlier, we had invested in Systems Company through software and hardware and building complex systems which was not viable after some time. The earlier investments had a huge difference in segments in semiconductors, optics and telecom. The investments made in technology over the last 60 years have delivered to very high computing, cheap storage, high networking and higher bandwidth. Having all these to the aid, the infrastructure too gets a boost. Storm Ventures is mainly focused on certain target areas in software such as software for the enterprise, mobile and Cloud. As mobile creates challenges for the enterprises with multiplicity of devices, it is important to keep the things coordinated and synchronized between different devices and applications. The third area through Cloud plays the whole notion of pay by usage and as a utility rather than a dedicated investment.

In the Software market, Saas is trending, as it relates to enterprise. Generally investing in public companies is always favored just because it has a greater market reach. Our Investment in Markedo, which is into marketing automation software, went public this year in May. This changed the course of the investment and our workability. Both from public company perspective and a startup company’s perspective SaaS solutions embark imperativeness.

Confluence of Technology with Business or Enterprise is Imperative

The evolution of mobile platforms that are very powerful with rich attributes and the dispersed nature of the employee population create a lot of opportunities in managing business. There is a lot of innovation in the consumer side and some of the innovations have applications in enterprise like location based services, leveraging social networks to validate information. There is no scope for investment in social and consumer section, but when it has an intersection with business and enterprise, then that interests us. We encourage entrepreneurs by invoking any thought on to develop application relating to consumers.

Having an Edge in the Race

It is very easy to start a company for any entrepreneur because of the availability of funds all over. Releases through Angel Investors, friends and family, amassing funds for a startup is now a common voyage to start with. The cost of starting a business is very easy and cheap. Though the opportunity to leverage the latest incorporations in technology is available, through storage, computing, utility and many others, the challenge is to cope up with the other companies which are eager to nose out their attributes and infrastructure and are trying to have an edge over their opponents. However the bigger challenge comes in building a strong team, right from the availability of skilled labor, the needs to incorporate this style and working methodology that is needed to reciprocate with a strong infrastructure.

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