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November - 2013 - issue > Top 25 IT Services Companies
SDG Corporation Mitigating IT Risks through Strategic Solutions
SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
Companies continue to operate in a complex business environment with increased regulatory burden and a rapidly evolving risk and security landscape. Based in Connecticut, SDG Corporation addresses these challenges by bringing to bear industry experts that can help businesses not only navigate those complexities but to shape strategy that will foster growth while maintaining a secure IT environment. The company is an IT risk solutions provider that brings thousands of man-years of strategic advisory, development services, and support to help minimize business risk that may arise from IT systems. Since IT systems underpin critical corporate functions, SDG approaches each engagement using the filter of mitigating risk so that challenges associated with compliance and security are uncovered, considered and resolved before applications are deployed.

SDG is unique in the manner that each engagement, whether strategic advisory, design, implementation or managed support, is viewed through the lens of managing IT risk. SDG is focused around six practices-Identity and access governance (IAG), collaboration and E-Commerce, quality assurance (QA), enterprise mobility, cloud computing and CRM, and risk and compliance. The company designed and developed TruOpsTM to help businesses manage their risk. TruOps is an award-winning enterprise IT risk and compliance technology platform that serves as the backbone for SDG's approach to managing risk. TruOps is architected to deliver significant efficiencies that give visibility to risks faster than custom solutions, while minimizing the costs. SDG's largest clients include General Electric, United Technologies, ADT, Coca Cola and NBCU.

Moreover, SDG is a pioneer in the IAG market space having implemented secure identity management and federated single sign on solutions (SSO) from Fortune 500 companies to the largest consumer and beverage businesses in the world. SDG's collaboration and E-Commerce has built the gateways that enable businesses with hundreds of thousands of employees communicate with each other and their customers, making possible the purchase of goods and services from those same companies. SDG's QA service is second to none, enabling businesses to securely deploy solutions on-time and without defects.

SDG's Cloud and CRM services are aimed at driving businesses to get the most value out of most cloud and CRM applications from SalesForce to Siebel, and SDG's enterprise Mobility practice develops and delivers B2C and B2B applications that help businesses communicate, sell and operate productively.

SDG plans to expand its core practices while extending and growing TruOps solutions and frameworks to enable the rapid development of software for quick time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership.

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