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Renu Khator Elected as Chair of the Board of Directors at American Council on Education
SI Team
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
American Council on Education (ACE), the chief coordinating body for colleges and universities in the u.s, has elected Renu Khator, as chair of the Board of Directors. Renu hails from Uttar Pradesh and holds a Bachelors degree from University of Kanpur. She is also the current President and System Chancellor at the University of Houston (UH).
A proud Khator speaks "It will be an honor for me to serve as chair of the ACE during such a critical period marked by challenges and huge opportunities for further growth," Khator, is the UH System's first ever woman chancellor and the first Indian immigrant to lead a comprehensive American research university. During her term, the University recorded significant research funding, enrolment and private support.
Prior to appointment as the ACE Board Chair, Ms Khator was the Vice Chair at the firm. Her tenure will be for a year.
Going forward, as the ACE chair of Board, Khator will be attentive towards critical concerns such as college completion, international competitiveness and innovation requirements.
Besides the association with the UH, Khator had previous stints as the provost and senior vice president (SVP) at the University of South Florida, where she spent more than two decades.
Khator is also a recognized scholar with respect to global environmental policy. Her keen interest in the domain is evident from the numerous books and articles written by her on the subject.

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