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Recruiting Trends changing landscapes Challenges and Opportunities...A perspective
Pad N Swami
Monday, August 1, 2011
These are changing times. The job market is opening up. Globally there is requirement boom across sectors and industries.

We are witnessing an increasing amount of pressure to attract and retain the top talent across industry sectors. More and more companies are starting to realize that the workload and work conditions over the past few years have created an environment where many of their top talent are now, or will be, looking for new positions. The recession has provided companies the ability to upgrade talent by acquiring a company just to obtain the technical talent employed there.There are changes in recruiting processes everywhere and there is a significant Transformation in the Recruiting Process, strategy and implementation.

Another change we are seeing is growth in numbers of external recruiters . It may have been easier during the recession to be an employee, but being an external recruiter offers many more benefits for top producers and greater potential for earnings. The shift is already starting to happen, where many of our corporate recruiters are now establishing recruiting shops with their niche expertise and advantage.

There is also other transformation that is taking place in the market. This is in every field including sales, Technology management, and Clients perspective. All this are due to market changes that have impacted everyone. The influencers are:

* Solutions are Global not just Local anymore

* Changing Landscape in technology due to internet

* Need for Speed

*Higher level of Competition due to emerging markets

*Higher Volumes and Global needs

*Brighter minds, Value system changes, Cultural impact and impact of Mobile and other internet culture

*Talent mobility and demand in a stronger economy

*Corporate moving to In- sourcing from RPO

* Gen Y worker availability , expectations and impact

*Demand for Candidate-Centric Recruitment Process

So how does the recruiter of 2011 and beyond tackle all these and make it successful ?

Recruiting itself is emerging to be a sought after career by many, since it can be virtual and rewarding . Titles are emerging, Source, Internet recruiter, Talent search expert, Talent scout specialist, recruiting generalists etc.

Gone are the days when a recruiter can just use 1-2 job boards and have few connections and make it happen . The modern recruiter need to learn to do more with less time and support.

The demand for experienced recruiters is high — and the recruiter of yesterday has changed to reflect a demand for those who have:

*An in-depth knowledge of the company for which they’re recruiting,

*Built domain expertise

*More spade work to get job done

*Quick thinking and agile in tech trends

*Networking skills, and social hunting skills

*Branding expertise and learn the nuances of search methodologies from Boolean to everything

*Scalability in their ability to source for all positions and all geographies in all niches

*Social media skills and ability to build and develop tools that their clients are not using

*Technical skills and ability to use new tools, and emerging solutions in cloud .

What are the opportunities that are emerging due to all this and how can the Recruiter of tomorrow be prepared and make it successful in 2011 and beyond ..?

Recruiting has been and always will be about the ability to form relationships. There has to be good foundation to learn the basics but also ability to train oneself in emerging sourcing techniques. The modern recruiter will be expert in using the likes of LinkedIn, Face book, Google + and Twitter and other social media in market.

The Recruiter has to have the ability, agility and adaptability to challenges in the candidate community due to global growth and in the client community due to globalization.

My Ten Mantras for Recruiters To succeed and excel in 2011 and beyond

1. Build your knowledge base of your clients and target market

2. Build your branding to your clients...Your candidates

3. Be aware of job trends, market trends, and process trends that will impact the market place , the source and sourced

4. Sell the future to your potential candidate not just today to build rapport

5.Train, train yourself in use of technology and processes to harness the internet for sourcing, recruiting, head hunting and get the most difficult, hard to get skilled candidates

6. Build and develop your network continuously

7. Have time to empower and improve yourself in use of sourcing tools, understanding domains and technology .

8. Network and be in touch with recruiters community to be aware of the opportunities and challenges and common solutions and be there for each other.

9. Be consistent, confident and capable at all times

10. Be yourself because you alone can make a difference to your client and candidate And remember there are only 2 assets in this business...candidate and client, rest of it is communication and interfacing

The market place and changing scenario is giving also opportunities for tool producers, to build better applicant tracking systems, better search tools, global sourcing platforms and better job portals.

This is the time when tool developers should network with recruiters and build tools that are needed by recruiters on a daily basis. The opportunities are out there to build recruiter maps by industry for niche recruiting needs, widgets , or simply automation tools to eliminate repeatable processes so that recruiters spend their time building relationship to make it a better way of sourcing and living .

Now is the time to come together with a common goal and focus for the future which is all set to dawn on us and begin.

This is the future we are all anticipating where many are for one and one is for many, and the one is the united process that we all evolve and we support the many candidates and clients harnessing all the modern techniques, yet not losing touch with our basic values of working together in healthy competition

When we focus together we can all succeed ? And we can learn from nature and scriptures on this aspect.

The honey bee works together and attract each other, be there for each other and produces the best honey yet enjoying itself in its process. Recruiters also can do same thing but coming together and working together with a common goal to bring success to our clients and candidates and that will be the honey we make together.

Our ancient scriptures (Vedas) declare

‘Sahana vavathu, Sahanau bhunakthu, Saha veeryam karavavahai, thejasvinavatheetha mastu mavidhvi shavahaii Om shanthi shanthi shanthihi’

“Let us come together, let us work together, let our studies shine and be effective, let us not hate one another and let there be peace and pace and peace.”

This is an apt mantra as we look at the future and as recruiter, since opportunities can raise to competition and turbulence but at end of it all we all must succeed and be happy to face the 21st century challenges and opportunities and make it a joyful journey for us.
The author is CEO, Urpantech

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