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Rajendra B.N. of TriVium shares his experinces while interviewing candiates
ST Team
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
What I like:
I like people who are charming, dynamic, rational, energy driven and are active. I like a person who can sail at the edge of chaos. What I look for in a candidate is his fast learning capability, is dependent on his role, has a startup attitude and aggressive in thoughts and behavior. Once I interviewed a candidate who asked for a challenging atmosphere. He said that he was not happy sitting idle in a comfort zone but wanted challenges so that he uses the best of his abilities. His energetic attitude impressed me and I hired him.

What I don’t like:
I don’t like people with poor communications skills, attitude and who feel they know more than people around them. They should understand where to surf between equilibrium and chaos. While interviewing a candidate for a lead architect post, I found him saturated and very comfortable in his position. I did not like this. I want people to be troubled by their work so that they can tax their mind and bring out the best results for the customers and the company.
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