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PIO crossing $100,000 median income
SI Team
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
As part of the celebration of US Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month celebrated in May the US Census Bureau shared groundbreaking figure of how the median household income for Indian-Americans has crossed the $100,000 per annum milestone. This is the highest median income for any ethnic group, including white, native-born Americans. Indian-Americans have long been recognized by US agencies and socio-political cognoscenti as America's best educated and wealthiest ethnic group. However, a snapshot released by the US Census Bureau this week reveals the whopping figure was crossed almost two years ago in 2013 but became known only now. According to the bureau, the median income of households headed by the Asian population in 2013 was $72,472, much higher than national median income of around $51,000. But, even among Asian-Americans, Indian-Americans racked it up at $100,547, almost double the national median income, and significantly more than even white, non-Hispanic Americans whose median income is approximately $57,000. Indian- Americans also out-earned other South Asian groups such as Pakistani-Americans ($63,000) and Bangladeshi-Americans ($51,000).
Though the census report did not address the religious angle, other surveys have long indicated that Jewish-Americans come closest to Indian-Americans in terms of income and education. According to a US Religious Landscape Study by Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life in 2008, 46 percent of Jews reported family incomes of over $100,000 compared to 19 percent of all Americans, with the next highest group being Hindus at 43percent.

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