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November - 2010 - issue > Spotlight: Mobile
Openstream Enhanced Mobile-experience Through Portable, Context-aware & Multimodal Solutions
SI Team
Monday, November 1, 2010
With over 3.3 billion mobile phone users around the world, everything is getting mobile-enabled. With the proliferation of the new mobile devices that combine popular technologies like GPS, cameras, RFID sensors and media players, mobile users today demand easy mobile access and enterprises need Secure-Data-Access-Synchronization.

Founded in 1997, Openstream, with its ‘context-aware multi-modal approach’ enables enterprises and software-developers harness the power of the mobile revolution to intelligently communicate and interact with employees and customers, thereby enhancing productivity and increasing brand loyalty. Its CueMe+SmartMessaging Multimodal CoDA Platform is the only commercial context-aware multimodal platform, built on open standards, that facilitates single-authoring of rich-mobile applications that can run on all popular mobile phones, PDAs, tablets in the market-place.

According to published results of a study conducted by the company, after the deploying its solution enterprises saw 27 percent improvement in mobile-users’ productivity, 19 percent increase in customer satisfaction, and 13 percent increase in service revenues.
Openstream provides open standards based single-authored convenient-to-use, context-aware, device independent solutions which support multiple device-form-factors and delivery-contexts for CRM and Sales Force Automation. “This is our key differentiating factor,” states Raj Tumuluri the CEO, Openstream which has been featured in Gartner’s new report on “who’s who in Context-aware Computing”. Openstream continues to keep U.S as its primary market and in India has recently launched context-aware multimodal brokerage & trading solutions in partnership with Omnesys Technologies.

Openstream continues to lead the open standards efforts at the WorldWideWeb Consortium ( W3C) and is one of the founding members of the new HTML+Speech XG and has several leading Banking, Energy & Utilities and Pharmaceutical companies as its clients.
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