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Openstream Aiding Enterprises Leverage Disruptive Innovation in Mobility
SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
Disruptive innovation in the mobile technologies has given rise to several new exciting applications in a very short span of time. But few mobile software companies have been able to demonstrate how enterprises can keep pace with this rapid change and yet deliver compelling User Experiences.

Openstream's award-winning Cue-me CoDA (Context Delivery Architecture) is currently the only commercial platform on which context-aware, multimodal applications can be authored, managed, secured, and deployed independent of the device/OS type. Such Context-Aware solutions can fluidly manage various situational conditions to deliver the optimal interaction for the user.

Launched at SpeechTEK New York in August 2008, Cue-me is in its 3rd generation now, and is built on W3C Open standards facilitating single-authoring of rich-mobile applications that can run on all popular smart mobile devices. Using the Eclipse based Cue-me Studio toolset, enterprises can rapidly develop, deploy and manage highly scalable context-aware mobile solutions. "Since its launch, Openstream has become the co-author of the W3C Multimodal Interaction Specification, leading with a team of cross-industry experts towards development of interoperable standards based on W3C markup," says Balaji Narayana, Director of Operations , Openstream.

The logical evolution of Multimodal, Context-Aware applications is towards Virtual Assistant Technology. Built on the 3rd generation Cue-me technology, Openstream has launched a new B2E solution offering for Virtual Assistants in the Enterprise - eMLE (pronounced eMILY). With minimal Enterprise Integration, eMLE provides convenient access to the Enterprise Information Portal, Social Media, Collaboration and other Corporate Applications on a variety of mobile phones, tablets, and desktop environments. eMLE uses context-aware features like dynamic reconfiguration and federated search to enable Employees to be productive on the move. Over the last few months, Openstream has already deployed eMLE on hundreds of thousands of devices, including BYOD.

Openstream is headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, and boasts of customers such as Bank of New York Mellon, Verizon Wireless, Peoples Bank, HESS and has several leading pharma and retail companies in its portfolio of clients. Founded in 1997, the company has consistently lead development of several open standards for mobile interaction at the World Wide Web consortium (W3C). Openstream's management team comes from market leaders such as Alcatel, Infosys, IBM, Intel,Nortel, HP and Verizon, to name a few.

With over two million mobile devices running Openstream technology around the world, Openstream is rapidly expanding its client-base in U.S. and Indian market. Pharma & Healthcare, Financial services and Retail are among the primary sectors where Openstream's solutions are adopted. Openstream's solutions have received several awards, including an American Banker award for BNYM Treasury Services Application; In 2011, Gartner placed Openstream in the "Gartner Cool Vendor" list for Context Aware Mobile Applications. Openstream has consistently made it to the SI Top 10 Mobile Companies over the last four years.

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