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Openstream Unveils Multimodal Mobile Phone Browser
Saheer Karimbayil
Monday, September 1, 2008
Openstream, a provider of mobile Internet infrastructure platform and applications, has launched its multimodal browser Cue-Me for Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Blackberry phones. This technology will soon be available on iPhone devices also.

Built on open standards, Openstream’s Cue-me multimodal browser makes multimodal mobile applications development easy for all the popular phone-platforms in the marketplace.

Explaining the reason to come out with such a browser, the company founder Raj Tumuluri says, “Early wireless enablers focused on very narrow mobility applications, such as email and unified messaging. While talking to our customers, we found that business users are looking to access more than one type of application data, other than email or personal information using multiple modes while they are on the move to efficiently transact business.” It was the pioneering work done at the Worldwide Web Consortium - of which Openstream is a contributing member - that led to the development of the new paradigm of interaction for mobile users that combines voice, touch, and key-presses.

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