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On the lack of "skill sets"
ST Team
Thursday, February 1, 2007
The talent crunch in India for IT specific industry, especially for product development companies is going through a bad phase. Of all the engineers that graduate, most are not well equipped with skill sets that co-relate with industry standards. It does not mean that these engineers are less intelligent, but just that the IT industry has a set of expectations that the institutions are not aware of. Earlier, it would suffice if candidates were well versed with the basics. An average-in-academics engineer could land a job then, and it suited the industry needs too.

But with advancements in the industry, in-depth knowledge is the need of the hour. No more does the basic understanding meet the requirements. Series of aptitude and external tests that determine the quality of the candidate have now become essential. But the change in the industry requirements is yet to find an efficient partner in the institutions of learning.

At Yodlee, over time, we have diversified out of the big cities, and now recruit candidates from tier-two and tier- three cities as well. This way we enhance the resource pool at hand. We have also tied up with organizations that screen candidates based on their academic skills as well as aptitude, but have not ventured into the campus placement scenario yet.

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