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On industry-academia tie ups
ST Team
Thursday, February 1, 2007
Everybody would agree that an active participation between the IT companies and educational institutes could address the imbalance between demand and supply. While the academia provides with the requisite talent, the industry provides the researching ability. This would help the student grasp the essence of what is happening with the industry.

From the industry's side, companies should organize more interactions with the students, either through projects or internships. While doing this, the organizations should specify the attributes they look for in a prospective recruit. It would help him (the student) understand the requirements and nuances of working in a company. Here, it is important that the student shares his industry-exposure experience with peers on returning to the institute.

It would become his duty to suggest the changes according to industry requirements, as the information would become more relevant when it is straight from the horses' mouth. He should think, "these are the industry standards and this is where we should be improving." This would allow a healthy interaction between the demanders and suppliers with no involvement of a third party.

A vital point for the industry would be to look beyond the tier one schools as the current trend is that the companies are all hiring from the same pool of resources. The 'branded' colleges posses only handful of the talent that is available in the industry. They should keep an eye on upcoming colleges.

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