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Olive Technology Empowering Organizational Growth through Technology Engines
SI Team
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
When Joseph Vijayam started Olive Technology in the front patio of his house in 1996, he and his team was directed by a singular dream-to provide software development projects catering to the needs of enterprises worldwide. Today, having served over 160 clients, Olive Technology continues to grow, seeking new ways to provide increasingly complex software engineering solutions for addressing business needs. As a programming language and technology-agnostic full development lifecycle firm, Olive Technology helps clients take their projects from the ideation phase, through user experience design, into software architecture and engineering, all the way to production hosting, training and maintenance.

Being of the opinion that most CIOs today are mired with four broad technology concerns: timeline, budget, quality and control, Olive technology focuses their approach on specification, communication and documentation to address these challenges. "We spend a good amount of time on clear specifications for building solutions. We use software tools to communicate between the client and our project teams, after which we document the software processes and user interaction that would enable our clients to maintain the system for the long term," states Joseph Vijayam, CEO, Olive Technology.

Part of what differentiates Olive Technology is the full development lifecycle approach, where the company leverages the strength of their team by using a combination of U.S. and Indian engineers. Their services are designed to efficiently "right-source" solutions through a hybrid workforce approach for the maximum benefit of their clients. Another way the company has been aiding their customers to success is by emphasizing on mobile-first technology. "When designing a web application, we architect it in such a way that the backend will support future native mobile clients without extra work," says Vijayam.

Urging clients to always choose the best technology option, Olive Technology helps customers envision system integration that give access to data from any place and device in the world. This allows customers to expand their databases into information systems that explore global markets and create a greater impact. "Another trend we've noticed over the years is that our clients' stakeholders are increasingly not software professionals, or even highly technical," remarks Vijayam. "Owing to this, the company has deepened its commitment to provide services that help clients understand their technology requirements."

In one instance, ASAP Audits & Inspections, a specialist in audits and inspections approached Olive Technology to create a system design and an architectural road map that deterred from the traditional pen and paper system used for reporting. Olive Technology helped the client select appropriate hardware and software platforms and developed the integration components to make the pilot system work at 50 percent less cost. The reports could be filed into electronic pads, using scanners and photographs along with any comments and corrective action necessary. The information was then uploaded directly into the clients' system using wireless and cloud technology. This helped save a lot of time, allowing immediate remedial action.

In the near future, Olive Technology will continue to evolve as a hybrid/international company, while increasing integration between each stage of the software development process. The company is also looking at growing their data collection capacity coupled with new ways to communicate with clients. "We engineers are dreamers, but we have the right parts in our toolbox to make our dreams a reality," ascertains Vijayam. As Olive Technology continues to grow, they are looking at developing new vertical markets which will involve hiring subject-matter experts from those industries.

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