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Nucleodyne Systems Heart Enablers of Embedded Systems
si Team
Monday, August 1, 2011
Founded in 2003, Cupertino, California based Nucleodyne (www.nucleodyne.com) is the brainchild of Kallol Biswas, an alumni of IIT Kharagpur. It was his dream to do quality work in the area of nuclear physics, hence the name Nucleodyne. The company provides embedded and enterprise customers with the services of domain experts in developing low level system software such as BSP code, IO, Storage and networking protocol related drivers for the different and diverse operating system environments.

The company provides a one stop shop capability to its customers by providing end-to-end services including microprocessor core modifications, ASIC/ VLSI/ FPGA development, System board development, BSP/System init code development, low level device driver development, kernel level driver development as well as system oriented application development.

Nucleodyne prides itself as a ‘pseudo products’ company wherein it develops software platforms to enable applications in emerging domain areas. It provides customization services to adapt the platform to specific application environments thus providing a time to market advantage, cost savings and product differentiation. One of the platforms the company has developed is to tunnel ethernet over External PCIexpress cable to enable the creation of a very high speed, low latency switching infrastructure useful in specific environments like financial trading systems. This platform also provides an efficient way to switch between embedded system blades used in industrial environments. Another platform we have developed is an embedded controller that is being used in various embedded projects. Ever since its inception the company has operated in close association with professors from IIT Kharagpur, (subject matter experts), to fund teams that are creating core software platforms that can be leveraged to provide specific services.

The kind of expertise required to provide these services is not taught in engineering schools but acquired over years of experience. Hence the major strength of the company is its talent pool, a pool that consists of senior subject matter experts from top academic institutions, R&D labs and large corporations in the U.S. These domain experts, coupled with advisors, have the expertise to design processor cores, computer system boards, OS ports, driver development and BSP services for different OS environments like Unix, Linux, Windows, HP-UX, and real-time embedded system like vxWorks, LynxOS, QNX and more, thus helps the company in delivering world class products to their customers. Still availability of top notch talent remains to be an issue. “Shortage of talented engineers is a very crucial issue. This is where our association with IITs and other major institutions comes into play. With this association we are able to run past this and deliver high ‘psuedo products’ to our customers,” says Biswas, CEO, Nucleodyne.

Currently Nucleodyne prides itself in engaging with some of the Fortune 100 customers like HP, EMC, Emulex and many Defense companies. “Our vision is to grow the company and scale the unique model we have,” says Biswas. The company is presently working on software IP platforms that will help its existing customers as well as emerging startup companies in the U.S. and in India.

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