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Neutrino IT Technologies Empowering the World with Innovative Solutions
SI Team
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Neutrino IT Technologies saw the light of the day in 2009 when a group of forward thinking technologists identified a void in the education industry surrounding the usage of ICT solutions. "To enhance the learning experience and make the entire education system more effective and efficient, we started providing applications that helped them solve problems related to resource management, data security, and e-learning," states Saurabh Gupta, Founder and Managing Director of Neutrino. The company utilized a gamified approach with a mechanism of recognition and rewards which was well received by the Indian market. "It gave us confidence to take it to the next level," says Saurabh.

The company then took the same approach to eGovernance, as effective engagement and security solutions are important and much sought after. However, the story here turned out to be a little different. "Bringing a change in governance using ICT is much different from what happens in an organization at a private level," points out Gupta. After a few unsuccessful forays, Gupta and his team gained a wealth of experience from working on various eGov projects. Neutrino's passion to deliver applications quickly and cost effectively in conjunction with their eagerness to understand the system and implement their unique approach makes the company stand out in the market today.

Having extensively worked with various government departments including the Police, Aadhaar, RajCOMP, and DoIT&C, Neutrino's team developed a desire to tackle bigger challenges. This marked Neutrino's move out of India to deliver services on technical and business capabilities in overseas markets. Despite having a relatively small team, their ability to understand client requirements saw Neutrino win over enterprises application development projects within a short time.

Monitoring the market closely and its rapidly changing demands, Neutrino has developed products which help them deliver projects faster and with a recurring source of revenue. The company's product line includes, DMS, eLMS, AEMS, and nSecurpt along with few international tie-ups for products such as Omnidex and QPR Suite. They also provide end-to-end services in web app and app development with major projects revolving IoT, smart data analytics, BI and database management. "We not only take care of project development but partner with the client in strategizing, creating, and then promoting the product-giving end-to-end technology and business support," says Gupta. Neutrino's value add services like social media marketing, eDM campaigns, AdWords, search engine optimization, and mobile platform promotions help clients reach their right audience.

"Currently, eGov, banking, and finance projects have a high spectrum of challenges right from issues due to legacy technology and integration of emerging technologies to the centralization of data and security," comments Gupta. Neutrino counters all these not just by implementing the best solution available in the market, but by deploying the one that is most apt for the client's requirements. Also, since data security is paramount these days, the company implements the most robust solutions in the domain of information security.

Of late, Neutrino has been focusing on eCommerce ventures and startups. It has been assisting various technology start-ups in the U.S., Australia, Netherland, Middle East, and India in a joint model of costing and equity participation. "We are in final stages to tie up with the world's most reputed crowdfunding platform to work jointly as a 'preferred technology partner,'" reveals Gupta. With startups raising funds from the platform, Neutrino is set to offer exclusive discounted rates for efficient services in web and mobile app development.

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