February - 2009 - issue > STARTUP CITY
Jayakishore Bayadi
Sunday, February 1, 2009
Polaris, a Chennai based mid tier IT services company with around 10,500 employees being a widely spread organization across the globe, with varying local policies and conventions, and disparate project teams working across diverse time zones on shared tasks, the costs involved in managing such a huge global team and communication was immense. In a quest to find the solutions for this challenge, Polaris needed an employee centric HR tool to align large numbers of people and knowledge resources real-time, empower intelligent decision making, boost the per employee productivity. The company built initial version of the software for its own use in early 2000s and eventually spotted a growing market for HR products. Polaris decided to market its HR suite in the name of Adrenalin as a third party product to the organizations. In 2002 Adrenalin eSystems Limited was spun off as a separate entity to market Adrenalin, which the company claims transforms people and working, departments and mind-sets, productivity and profits by seamlessly aligning human resources with business requirement by giving a pathway to a fast and simple world of intelligent working with real-time information sharing.

THE CEO: Ganesh Balaji
INVESTOR: Myadrenalin is a spun off from Polaris software.
HOW THEY MAKE MONEY: Adrenalin can be deployed either as an enterprise application providing complete ownership and the widest integration options with internal systems or as a hosted service providing secure and reliable access at a low per employee/month fee (SaaS mode).
OFFERING: Adrenalin, a business-critical HR suite.
WEBSITE: www.myadrenalin.com

COMPETITORS: SAP, Oracle, Snowdrop Systems, HR mantra and many local players.

“Though ERP products like SAP and Oracle have HR modules as part of ERP, Adrenalin focuses only on HR and thus Adrenalin is a full-fledged HR system which integrates with any other enterprise applications. Our focus is in improving usage of the functionality of HR modules to its highest level. We spotted a space vacant here and decided to bet on pure-play approach to HR,” says Ganesh Balaji, CEO. In fact, their time tested robust solution built for our own internal consumption helped us to reach wide market by understanding real customer pain points. “Initially it was tough time we went through to educate the market about potential benefits of the automated HR suite,” he adds. “Compared to their competitors, Myadrenalin is cost effective and has no complexity in implementation,” says Balaji. However, cost of the product is based on a license fee implementation and customization. Myadrenalin built its first product on proven IBM Lotus and later made it available on Microsoft Dot Net technologies as well with independent database platforms. To optimize performance both in document management and in generating reports, Adrenalin integrated the Open XML Formats into its application, available in the new version of Microsoft Office to make users to be able to interoperate with numerous platforms so that customers can have choice to decide which office productivity tools to use.

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