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February - 2010 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Multi-level convergence The Demand of the New Decade
Santosh Sharan
Monday, February 1, 2010
Surrounded by a world of multi-level convergent media, there is a demand for separate technologies in terms of voice, data and video to synergistically interact with each other. The future would be dominated by mult-functioned devices, as the consumer’s demand would be tilted towards an access to all-round information in any device without much emphasis on the device or the access technology.

The key technical characteristic of what works in convergence is the ability to facilitate consumers’ desire to read, watch, or listen to any content they want, anywhere, anytime. The upturn of convergence will diminish the interest in the different technology facets like memory, processor and operating system, while increasing interest in technologies such as user experience, search, security and storage. As new players take their turn to reap the benefits of convergence, the hesitancy of established players to lose market share, will make it important for them to deploy more innovative ways to converge different forms of devices. Next decade will see much more media being consumed on a myriad of converged consumer electronics devices than personal computers or mobile phones. New opportunities will emerge to cope with the growing complexity of content and the need to consume rich content on various devices.

We saw unprecedented technological innovation in the last decade, the trend is going to continue into this new decade. There will be large scale adoption of technology and we will witness billions of new users on the internet with new consumption behavior. While there will be plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities to address, the challenges in terms of capital and customer acquisition will stay the same. The entrepreneur, much like a baseball player has to be prepared for the curveballs and cannot take bad economy as an excuse to not fulfilling the entrepreneurial dreams. A key quality of an entrepreneur is to recognize the opportunities during uncertain times and to polarize the demands, while the established firms hold on to their long term-clients.

Santosh Sharan is the Founder and CEO of Keisense. Keisense is a provider of software products designed for consumer electronics devices that require rapid text input and search.

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