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MulticoreWare Powering Disruptive Solutions
SI Team
Monday, July 20, 2015
The trend of software applications moving from the home and office towards the cloud and mobile devices has been underway for many years, and is only accelerating. Increasingly, enterprise and consumer products are leveraging sophisticated software solutions to solve complex problems. Video encoding and decoding, though seemingly simple, is becoming more powerful and efficient, but this efficiency comes at a cost of complexity and a big increase in computational power requirements.

MulticoreWare, a firm headquartered in Sunnyvale CA, was founded with the strategy of solving these computationally complex problems by building a team with deep expertise in the latest programming models, and deep insight into hardware micro architectures, compiler technologies and complex software algorithms. Today, MulticoreWare offers best-in-class video, imaging and computer vision software libraries, to leading technology firms.

In 2013, MulticoreWare introduced x265, an open-source encoder implementation developed in response to latest MPEG standard, known as H.265, or HEVC. The x265 project follows in the footsteps of the very successful x264 project, the leading H.264 video encoder. HEVC enables video to be encoded twice as efficiently as H.264 (AVC). x265 continues to receive accolades from leading movie streaming services, television broadcast equipment vendors and web video services. MulticoreWare also offers an HEVC decoder (UHDcode), which is licensed by many top video solution providers. UHDcode is available on a variety of platforms including x86 PCs and servers, ARM devices, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. ’The response to x265 continues to exceed expectations, and it’s been really exciting to see all of the amazing products that our solutions are powering.’ said AGK Karunakaran, CEO.

Neural Networking has been another area of great focus for the MulticoreWare team. For example, Computer Vision algorithms are capable of enabling amazing solutions such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems which make cars safer.

Additionally, machine learning is enabling more powerful object recognition and identification, enabling more accurate computer vision. MulticoreWare’s team has rapidly grown to include experts in these software technologies. ’Our team has developed a portfolio of software libraries and products that can be licensed to enable our customers to solve their problems much faster than developing new solutions from the scratch’, adds Karunakaran.
In the formative years, most of MulticoreWare’s best customers were Silicon Valley’s large semiconductor companies. Today, the enterprise provides software libraries and development services to large web services companies, including some of the top video services. ’Our core strength has been to combine a very deep understanding of hardware micro architectures with an understanding of heterogeneous software development models such as CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL, Renderscript and C++ AMP. Today, our computer vision, video and neural network software expertise has really helped us to deliver more powerful solutions to an ever widening range of customers,’ informs Karunakaran.

At the core of MulticoreWare’s technology suite is MxPA, a very powerful heterogeneous programming stack, based on the LLVM compiler framework. MxPA allows semiconductor companies, mobile device OEMs or OS platform owners to offer developers a single framework supporting the heterogeneous programming model in accordance with their preference (OpenCL, C++ AMP, Renderscript, amongst others), while providing high performance on any target hardware architecture.

Established in 2009, MulticoreWare has developed swiftly to become one of the biggest high performance computing teams across the globe. AGK Karunakaran explained, ’As with any startup, our primary challenges were to develop a strong team, as well as to grow our base of customers.’ Being focused on becoming the best solution provider for a key problem; how to accelerate computationally complex software applications, MulticoreWare has been able to attract like-minded engineers and experts to join their team. ’This focus has enabled us to build a reputation as the go-to provider of software optimization services with many of Silicon Valley’s leading semiconductor and software companies,’ AGK Karunakaran explained.

Another key trend that has been of immense importance for the firm is the recent transition from fixed-function hardware to software defined solutions. ’Whether you’re talking about a network router or a video encoder, the industry recognizes that the flexibility and scalability of software defined solutions is a winning strategy,’ concludes Karunakaran.

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