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April - 2014 - issue > 50 Best Companies to Work For
Miracle Studios Providing Healthy Working Culture
Trisha Pragya
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Smart organizations realize that their key goal is to boost the performance of their employees. Just as any athlete craves the correct training & equipment to perform at the peak week after week, employees need healthy working environment at the office to perform efficiently. In a knowledge work economy, employees are the engine that keeps organization growing, adapting, improving and innovating. Providing a healthy working environment is the powerful tool for enhancing employee performance. A healthy work environment not only promotes employees but also benefits clients, shareholders and communities. Founded in 2004, Miracle Studios is one best example. The company believes that by offering a healthy working environment and exposures to their employees will finally benefit their clients in terms of performance & satisfaction.

Miracle Studios is a web based firm headquartered in Chandigarh. The company observed that designs produced back in 2004 were nowhere close to the standard and class of International level. Thus, Miracle Studios along with 70+ strong brigades of skilled, experienced, passionate, desiring, creative and dedicated team members challenged the conventional perceptions and delivered innovative solutions that embarked their brand name in International markets. The company designs, develops, market and produce all kinds of web solutions, using all the current and advance formats. Incorporating new technologies and years of experience, company is also developing mobile games compatible with various platforms.

Miracle Studios does not follow the age old tradition of employer employee relationship. All the members stand together as a strong team and move together. Company gives more emphasis to women security and has crafted strict policies to protect them from any harm. It takes quarterly feedback from female employees regarding the same. To ensure their safety, company also provides special parking facilities to them within the office premises. Miracle Studios values learning and reward creativity. It grants special facilities to employees who spend five years in the organization. Employees here always take their work as fun, therefore, they never look tired or stressed even though they work under strict time-lines.

In order to enrich employee's knowledge boundaries, Miracle Studios inspires them to attend various seminars and conferences. Additionally, the company is encouraging a stable and proactive learning culture where employees are initiated to take online-course to catch new technologies. It endows its employees with good yearly appraisal purely based on their performance. When it comes to talent, company hires 'the best of the best of'. Miracle Studios believes in quality rather than in quantity. Thus, it prefers mostly experienced people. But freshers with sharp skill set to make their way to Miracle Studios. "The idea is not just to increase the human resource. The idea is to be limited in terms of human resource but be the most polished human resource," concludes Raj Arora, Managing Director, Miracle Studios.

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