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Jayakishore Bayadi
Sunday, March 1, 2009
In this increasingly flattening world, rich interactivity and ability to communicate quickly and cost effectively are key requisites for success. Bangalore headquartered Moveo Systems is betting on this opportunity by using their intelligent network and service delivery platform to rapidly deliver quantifiable value to their customers. Their specialization caters the needs of Infrastructure companies, BFSI, Education, FMCG, Hospitality and a host of SMEs. Though the company has few customers in the U.S as well as in Europe, its current primary focus is India.

Sankalp Saxena, Chairman and CEO
Zarir Sarkari, CTO and VP Engineering

INVESTOR: The Company has raised $2.2 million in angel funding till date.

HOW THEY MAKE MONEY: Since the company is IP focused, it makes money by selling the software/solution licenses. Alongside, if customer wants a SaaS solution or a hosted instance of their applications, the company earns additional revenue too. "Revenue models could differ from customer to customer, and our flexibility on this front is also quite innovative," quips Saxena.

CLIENTELE: GVK, CavinKare, Royal Orchid, CSIA, Peppermint, Forum, Indian Bank, Featherlite and many more.
WEBSITE: www.moveosystems.com

COMPETITORS: HCL, TCS and other IT service providers.

Let's consider rich information portal kiosk based apps. The company's target customers for this product are in the Aviation Sector, BFSI and Let's consider rich information portal kiosk based apps. The company's target customers for this product are in the Aviation Sector, BFSI and other enterprises. These touch panels or kiosks installed in bank premises are used to provide diverse information on banking products to customers like information on loans, or opening of an account and other information. In a nutshell, Moveo's kiosks have compelling user-friendly user interfaces, are localized to several Indian languages and can be used to gain access to a host of product information, company services, provide feedback, submit forms and also send SMSes to friends and family. "By giving customers and employees access to self-service kiosk based apps, enterprises are finding they can lower their overhead costs while improving customer and employee satisfaction," claims Sankalp Saxena, Chairman and CEO. Earlier networks of largely autonomous interactive kiosks were expensive and difficult to manage and maintain. But Moveo's approach to use cutting edge application software and remote management tools to alleviate these problems turned the kiosks into efficient cost saving appliances and even profits centers. This innovative approach reduces the total cost-of-ownership (TCO) by 40percent to 60percent. Furthermore, deployment timeframes for these information portal kiosks can be as little as six to eight weeks.

For instance, apart from getting a host of airport information, passengers can also input their feedbacks about the facilities in the Chatrapathi Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) through over 60 kiosks deployed across the terminals. This aviation solution from Moveo can 'intelligently' compile, analyze the data captured in the form of feedbacks and sends the same to the department concerned so that apt action plans can be initiated by them. Interestingly, the system even gives the overall ratings in each month about a particular facility based on passenger feedback. "Our solution scalability and robustness, couple with our rapid time to value, are our strengths," states Saxena.

Moveo's Rich Interactive Application (mRIA) framework combines the robustness of Java with a highly productive Flex front-end framework for building and maintaining such expressive web applications. This product is used by one of its MNC client for capturing and analyzing sales performance data vis-à-vis individual targets on a pan India wide basis.

The company also has patent pending enterprise field force automation solution, which allows a company's field-force to interact with their back-end systems effectively (ERP, CRM,) through a secure and rich application interface.

"Strong domain knowledge and our patent pending feature rich apps are our assets. We built our IP framework in about 15 months and our robust IP based solutions give us a significant advantage in the market," says Saxena. "Furthermore, our solutions are proven in the market, secure, scalable and are rapidly configurable as per the requirements of customers," he claims.

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