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Keeping an Open Door
ST Team
Saturday, September 30, 2006
It is no novelty for HR managers to rehire employees. The IT sector is still evolving and it is for the HR manager to recognize the value and resource of the organization and make sure the environment is conducive.

With lack of talent and the rising needs of the industry, the nature of the job market is built in such a way that it is not possible to keep the door closed to ex-employees, who wish to return. They are already equipped with the required mindset of the work in that particular organization and require no further training. Already aware of the culture of the organization, these employees can increase productivity and efficiency in minimal time.
We have had cases where employees left eMids and then decided to come back. We like to keep a track of such employees and keep the door open for them. This is where touching-base with previous employees help. If the employee was good on the job then we show an added interest in taking him back.

In fact many companies are following the policy of offering added advantages to employees who re-join the organization. This will only reinforce the culture and motivation of existing employees.

There will always be employees who will want to leave either because of huge pay packets, or to take advantage of “re-joining” benefits, but it is here that the HR manager uses his discretion and expertise to make the choice.
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