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Initiating growth in Intel
ST Team
Friday, March 30, 2007
After initiating Intel’s growth in the server space in the APAC regions, R. Ravichandran cannot hide his enthusiasm as he pilots their sales activities in South Asia across channels and OEMs.
However, there is another reason to his excitement—his return to India from Singapore after seven years. Ravichandran and Intel share a 13-year relationship. Between the period of 1993 and 1999, he was with Intel India setting up the distribution infrastructure and Intel Reseller Channel Program.
He played a strategic role in expanding Intel’s operations in South Asia and now will be driving the PC market sales as well. “In India,” says Ravichandran, “the PC installed base is low. People have access to technology but it is limited.”
He says that Intel will work with the industry and fellow travelers to
increase PC penetration, with accelerated broadband driving rapidadoption.
Ravichandran loves reading management books. He believes in developing a wider perspective in life, in which, he adds, his managers at Intel play a key role.

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