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Indian Professors Reap Outsourcing Benefits
si Team
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Pankaj Sarma (name changed), Associate Professor with an Indian business school, earns Rs. 1 lakh every month for evaluating papers written by students in the U.S. This is apart from his salary of Rs. 60,000 as per the University Grants Commission scale.

Sarma is not the only one. Many Indian professors are reaping the benefits of outsourcing by U.S. management institutes and universities. A year ago, India attracted around 10,000 essays for evaluation. Today, the number has grown three-fold, to 30,000 essays. Typically, a professor in India gets paid around $20 per assessment and checks 120 essays per month on an average, as a per a prominent business daily.

“The concept is gaining popularity in India as it not only allows the professors to make some extra money, but also helps them get in-depth knowledge on a particular subject,” said Madan Padaki, Co-Founder and CEO, MeritTrac, a Bangalore-based testing firm. According to experts, outsourcing of such services to India is part of technical communication, which is a $100-million market today and is expected to reach $800 million by 2012, and over a billion in 5-6 years. This growth is backed by a surge in outsourcing demand, improved human capital and larger domestic customer bench.

Technical communication covers a vast range of products and services, which include user manuals, instruction guides, product overviews, white papers, case studies, brochures, websites, press releases and process manuals. Customers for these services come from various sectors like IT, outsourcing, manufacturing, banking, financial and insurance, education and business consulting. Experts believe that this business model will not only help the U.S., but also the Indian institutions by bringing a new assessment model into practice.
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