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India is Not Smartphone Friendly Google India MD
si Team
Monday, February 1, 2010
Even though India has emerged as the largest growth market for Google, Shailesh Rao, Managing Director of Google India believes that the country does not have proper policy, suitable condition, latest network, or perfect mindset for high-end phones like Google Nexus.

Speaking at the 2nd International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks Workshops, Rao said, “India needs to have a proper policy to have high end phones. It’s not the issue that we discuss regularly, and it would be very early to mention the time frame to launch Nexus in India.”

Stressing on the Indian policies, demand of Android enabled phones, and condition Rao, who took over as Google’s India head in April 2007 says, “In India, Internet has been seen as the purview of integral segment of people, even though it has not been a verbal service. Education, software, and national security firms have built a platform, which has been the real enabler. So, if that mindset can be changed and people in public sector are educated, India can go much ahead.”

In India, the online sector is still under-invested and not enough applications, content, and products are coming online. Rao says, “If we see the user statistics in India, proportionately, Internet penetration in India is still slow, though PC penetration is increasing in small and medium enterprises.” Still, the people in the country are in the search for different kinds of high-end phones only on weekends.

However, even though the situation is not perfect for introduction of smartphones in India, Rao believes that the mobile search space, especially with the introduction of 3G and fall in the prices of smartphones and data plans, will be the revenue generator of the company in 2010.
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