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Globus Eight Vendor-Agnostic Platform to Unlock Potential of Internet Enabled Devices
SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
The world of technology is abuzz with Internet of Things (IoT) resulting in plethora of vendors offering innovative solutions to the consumer/enterprise space. However, there is a catch: Companies that create a family of devices want to lock consumers in, on to their platform if consumers use a particular vendor's home automation system, they have to buy other IoT products from same vendor to ensure they talk to each other." says Alok Sinha, CEO, Globus Eight. What consumers need is a vendor agnostic integrating platform that unlocks the true potential of these devices and Globus Eight provides just that. Lifeon, a unique product that agnostically connects consumers' internet enabled devices into one common engine so that users can use different technologies, but a common interface for the IoT services.

"With IoT knocking the doorsteps of the enterprise and consumers alike, the need to support the consumers' computing needs is becoming imperative for enterprises," says Sinha. Globus Eight solutions offer a unique approach to enable their customers use the right mix of IoT for themselves and their customers.

The firm also furnishes device management services, network management services and data management services, "but the devices or networks managed are not conventional computing devices - instead these are IoT management tools," adds Sinha. "With G8 solutions, our clients can not only deploy IoT devices for their organization, but ensure their security, uptime, availability, and accessibility."

LifeOn gives Globus Eight's clients the ability to monitor IoT devices. LifeOn offers RESTful APIs that can integrate with any device technologies such as - Zigbee, Zwave, NFC, Bluetooth, GSM, or even WiFi. With their LifeOn platform, Globus Eight is focusing on bringing new technology that are still considered as new or futuristic by many, into day to day solutions for use. The platform offers smart and affordable automation solutions with interwoven devices of home automation, vehicle automation, media management, wellness and concierge services to give consumers a truly luxurious lifestyle.

"Our cloud deployment can enable greater access and reach, however if a client is concerned about privacy on the cloud, they can opt for premises based solution, where Eco App is connected to all their devices," says Sinha. The reality customer segment was the first taker of Globus Eight's offerings around IoT " Smart-homes, audio video presentation rooms, and experience centers. "In terms of healthcare customers, we offer a comprehensive package. With patient data privacy being a significant concern in these organizations, we provide extensive security services that span from risk assessment to providing solutions using LifeOn tools, for securing their organization," says Sinha.

Having a one stop solution in LifeOn, Globus Eight aims to establish itself as a major player in the IoT space. The company plans to progressively capitalize on booming IoT world while planning for next phase; to create personal data analytics that culminates into cognitive management of the devices. LifeOn is an amalgamation of all these technologies and defines the prowess of Sinha and his team in understanding of the technology world. Sinha and his team are credited of developing the first complete open source Linux distribution PicUntu for ARM computers, with more than half a million downloads to date.

Globus Eight is poised to become a major market player in the IoT landscape through its vendor-agnostic platform. "Imagine a world where you would be able to think and order for pizza, or think and change the TV channel - this is not a science fiction but an affirmative feature on the LifeOn framework product roadmap," says an excited Sinha.
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