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October - 2006 - issue > Editor's Desk
Global footprint from the subcontinent
Pradeep Shankar
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Sashi Reddi, like several other Indian entrepreneurs, is steering his company—Applabs Technologies—towards global leadership. Reddi is on his way to capture the testing market. While his company is seeing an upscale, Reddi’s strategy for increased market share; a global footprint; broader vertical market expertise seems to be panning out well.

CIOs have invested heavily on security. However, scores of new malicious threats are emerging on the wireless side. For corporate IT managers, keeping their company’s wireless systems safe is a growing challenge. Four entrepreneurs of Indian origin sensed the opportunity and founded Airtight Networks.

Though a late entrant in to this market, the entrepreneurs have steered the company to the top spot. Faced with cash crunch, it is interesting to note how the company has done its entire product development from India.

Manish Sinha is steering a team of 1200 engineers that solves mission-critical problems of Microsoft customers from across the globe. A global leader, Sinha understands the impact of decisions that his team make in shorter time span by recreating client’s environments. Take a peek into this ‘Sherlock Holmes of technology’.

We feature Vivek Mansingh, Dell India R&D Head, on his leadership practices. Mansingh’s 9-competencies are the pith of his leadership spanning across companies. What is unique are not the competencies in itself, but the route he has taken to achieve them. And showing further how leaders transform themselves on human values while the business values take a back seat.

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