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Enterprise Mobility Simplified
Rachita Sharma
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
AdeptPros' ideology revolves around enabling enterprise mobility through innovation and forward thinking. "When iOS was launched by Apple in 2007, we knew that a game changing technology had arrived. And when the same year saw Android being launched, we knew that mobility was the next big thing," says Venkat Nallapati, President & CEO of AdeptPros. "We wanted to be at the epicentre of this massive change and today we are one of the few enterprise mobility experts in this industry," he adds.

Founded in 2009, with a strong focus on enterprise mobility, AdeptPros today builds products and solutions for mobile and web platforms that reinvent how traditional businesses can tap the power of Mobile and Web 2.0. Within a short span of time, the company has built a strong reputation for itself within the enterprise mobility circles. Armed with a team of talented developers, analysts, designers, testers and project managers who have over 200 years of combined IT experience, the company is winning over several Fortune 1000 companies as their clients. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, AdeptPros provides custom enterprise mobility services with rich user experience and user interface designs.

New Forces For Enterprises

Smart Mobiles have changed the ecosystem completely. With the remarkable shift of consumer information derivational trends from various media to mobile with a fast pace, mobile technology has become more critical to businesses than ever before. Enterprise Mobility is shifted from "Nice to have" position to "Must have" position.

Mobile, Cloud, Social and Analytics have become new forces for enterprises. However, enterprises are short of talented work force that can help them chart their mobile strategy and approach. "AdeptPros developed and deployed hundreds of Applications for enterprises. We act as the CIOs aide in creating these four new forces for enterprises, which will bring improvements to their mobile workforce, engage customers and improve their business operations," says Nallapati.

Unique Business Model

Enterprises today are reeling under the pressure of finding a qualified workforce for stabilising the business mobility. Many companies usually do not have a strong and scalable workforce to focus on critical projects. "The quality of your workforce makes all the difference," Nallapati says. After noticing the dearth of trained mobile developers in the industry, AdeptPros team decided to fix the situation once and for all by initiating a one of a kind training division GeniusPort.

"The training centre is a synergistic business as it allows AdeptPros to open the door for the clients in any way, be it to build their human capital or for project deliveries," adds Vishal Baijal, COO, AdeptPros. GeniusPort aims at training individuals and teams in terms of designing and developing innovative mobile products by providing institutional knowledge in mobile technologies. GeniusPort has trained more than 3000 professionals in mobile. With this combination of training and product development skills, AdeptPros is equipped with resources to cope and perform under an increased or sudden demand.

AdeptPros has also introduced the App Incubator model to promote talented App developers who fall short of resources in building their unique App ideas. The company invites large participation of App development ideas from developers across the Globe. The selected ideas are rewarded quarterly and the company takes it forward for the end-to-end development and promotion of the application.

Identifying Challenges and Helping CIOs

"Any CIOs toughest challenge in terms of mobility is to understand where to begin," explains Nallapati. AdeptPros helps such organizations to plan and build their mobile strategy with Mobility Mindset. Be it a native app, a mobile browser based app or cross platform apps, the Enterprise mobility solutions delivery by AdeptPros are of global standard. "Our team has an expertise at creating enterprise mobile applications for Web using Java, .Net, SAP and SalesForce among others," adds Nallapati.

One of the biggest concerns is how to leverage the existing codes to get their clients to the market faster. Not every application developing company has the capabilities and expertise required to facilitate the switch.

Recognizing this gaping hole in the mobile app development industry, AdeptPros team built a unique organization. With the given technological expertise and whole gamut of services under one roof it becomes easier for the AdeptPros to address their clients' challenges.

Carving a Niche

Being an early adopter of ground breaking technology is always an advantage. Sensing this, AdeptPros has so far incorporated all major technology trends into its gamut of services to stay ahead in the game. Be it mobility, social, cloud or analytics, AdeptPros has always stayed a step ahead of the technology curve. The company not only provides cross platform application development but also services such as social media integration and maintenance.

The accumulation of these diversified services under one roof coupled with their flexible delivery models and eye for quality services gives AdeptPros a strong edge over its competition. "We focus on creativity and we solve clients' problems by integrating various systems," says Nallapati.

AdeptPros team's expertise has won them several Fortune 500 organizations as clients and they have received "Valuable Vendor Award 2011" from SAP Labs.

Since the company works in close quarters with the Fortune 500 organizations, they are very well aware of the trials and tribulations which a large organization faces in terms of mobility. This in turn makes AdeptPros' solutions better placed in the market. With the strong reputation that the company has built over years, companies such as Deloitte, Yahoo, Alcatel Lucent, Akamai, Intel, SAP, Honeywell, IBM, Fidelity, Citrix, Philips, McAfee, Infosys, HCL and Zensar rely on the young company to build quality developers for them.

The business volatility has led enterprises to a thorough hunt of expert companies who deliver resources and mobile solutions without any lag. Many App development companies usually do not have a strong and scalable work force to focus on critical projects. "Companies today lack trained experts and the choice of scaling their teams based on the requirements. We knew that it was an absolute necessity to address these issues," says Nallapati. Thus he built an organization that is highly scalable and agile. With this dynamic approach the organization is an obvious choice for enterprises and their sudden demands.

A Youthful Organization with Social Responsibility

With a global mindset, AdeptPros is raising the bar of believing and conceiving. No matter what work the team is engaged in, it employs creativity in every project. From strategy planning to app development and post development services, AdeptPros successfully does it all under one roof.

Not only does the company believe in building a strong ecosystem of talented professionals in the industry but also emphasizes on keeping their employees motivated. Mobility as a trend is new but is growing rapidly. Akin to the trends the organization also has a young vibe and is growing at a fast pace. What began as a five member team a few years back has become a 100 people strong organization today.

Filled with energetic people, the average age of employees in AdeptPros is 22 years. The team works close with one another and all doors are open to suggestions and innovative ideas. The young company is attracting hordes of enthusiasts based on its unique policies.

The management ensures that it provides all the required assistance to the employees so that there is no compromise on the quality. To reward outstanding work and retain employees' loyalty, the company offers a Long Service Award where the employee receives a bonus amount of 10 percent of his accumulated income of 3 years.
The open culture promotes employees to cultivate their ideas as well. If any app created by a developer is successful, the company shares the revenue with him. The company also provides spectacular remunerations such as corporate perks, quarterly bonus and signing bonus among other things.

Being an integral part of the learning sector, the company understands its obligations towards the development of the society. Considering this fact, the team GeniusPort has introduced the Corporate Social Responsibility Program where they provide free training to the competent and deserving candidates who belong to a financially moderate background. They select five students every quarter and provide them training and placement without any Fee.

Accomplishments and Growth Plans

Mobility is a utility and the company has honed its way up through setting up an exclusive structure with this belief. With an impeccable track record of designing, delivering and deploying innovative mobile solutions for top notch organizations, AdeptPros is on an upward growth trajectory. "We use our experience across all industries to make products and solutions simple, easy, reliable, secure and robust," adds Nallapati about the success of his organization.

Claiming a large market share in industries such as hospitality, retail, sports, entertainment, training and M-Commerce; AdeptPros is committed to helping the CIOs leverage the trend of enterprise mobility.

The company has a reputation for creating apps like Geniusmenu, M Gift Cards, Feedback App and Joomerang. The growth of the company is 2036 percent in last 3 years and it is growing at the same pace. It is dedicated towards value creation through the App Incubator Model and own products' development. Further the company's expansion plans include growth through acquisitions and working on various capital raising methods such as private investments and IPO process.

This is a leading edge initiative that the country has seen for the first time. The vision is to brand the zero debt company value to $1 Billion by the year 2020.

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