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Employee Referrals to beat the crunch
ST Team
Thursday, February 1, 2007
Talented candidates apt for industry needs are scarce today, mostly in the mid-level management category and being a start-up, we are the ones most affected. Few of the IT companies are now involved in recruiting from streams other than the ones pertaining to IT and training them for a software profession. Though it might seem as a feasible idea, it is not true to the start-ups. There are no resources or bandwidth to scout too long for talent and then train them on domain skills. The need is for engineers who can start work immediately.
At Razorsight, of the other common sources/forms of recruiting, promoting employees within the organization to fill in open positions is the most popular and successful way. While we work with agencies and placement firms to close some of our niche requirements, we strongly encourage referrals from employees that actually go a long way in breeding strong bonds of friendship in work place.
Recruiting from other streams is one of the ways to deal with this shortage. I also strongly believe that the Government can support in many ways to help this classic problem of Talent Crunch. But given that Government has many battles to fight, IT companies should form forums to meet more often and to address some of the common issues and strategize for better and homogeneous living.

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