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January - 2011 - issue > CEO Spot Light
Dynamic Content Sparks Growth of New Tools and Technology
Vijay Srivastava
Monday, January 3, 2011
Cable technology has evolved in the last decade many folds. Adoption of digital technology has provided Multi System Operators (MSO) and cable operators to deliver services that traditionally only Telecommunication companies could provide. With this digitization of the cable spectrum and adoption of DOCSIS 3.0 cable operators can deliver bandwidth upwards of 150 Mbps along with hundreds of standard and on demand video on the same cable infrastructure that earlier delivered few operator defined programming.

As MSO’s and cable operators increase download speeds, new social networks and over the top video in return will gain momentum. It will be challenging for the MSO and cable operators and interesting to see how they maintain their ARPU and also invest in infrastructure upgrade. It is a dual edge sword, upgrading to provide faster download speeds which in turn enables providers and media giants to push contents directly to the subscribers. But ultimately the winner is one who controls and owns the masses eager for entertainment.

Access to content is no longer static, you want your content to follow you and move with you. This shift will spur the growth of new technologies and products. Coaxial Networks’ products help in enabling and delivering this paradigm shift. Newer methods of monetizing the cable infrastructure will emerge as social media and over the top applications such as Facebook and Netflix drive away customer from traditional cable.

Changing dynamics of the market creates more challenges for entrepreneurs. As user habits remain unpredictable in a dynamic market, entrepreneurs have to react quickly and bring newer products to life within a shorter time span. Products have to be timed very well as products that are both early and late can fail in the market. As leaders and entrepreneurs in our R&D process we have to keep developing key components that we can quickly productize and bring it to market.

The author is President & CEO, Coaxial Networks

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