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ST Team
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
After scripting many successful projects and technologies from the India center of Sun Microsystems’, Vijay Anand dons the new role of leading the Fusion Middleware organization in Oracle.

His confidence in leading a team comes from the eleven years in Sun, mainly from steering the Indian R&D team since 2002. He scaled up the team strength from 200 to 1000, thus bringing the India center at par with Sun’s main R&D center in U.S.

Leading a team is no daunting task for Anand, as he strongly believes that technology demands passion; he is positive that with his new team in Oracle, he will drive innovation to the next level.

He loves teaching people how to adapt to large organizations and also how to become good developers. “I firmly deem that an engineer can do amazing things on his/her own, maintaining an individual identity. What lacks is role models and this directly affects their capability to think differently,” says he.

Probably a role model to many, Anand faces a hard time being a family man, thus stressing on having a balance between work and personal life.
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