January - 2010 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Niraj Tenany
Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Today’s internet-savvy customers look everywhere for essential information that will enable them to make smart buying decisions. Our customers are now increasingly knowledgeable about what they want to buy and the price they want to pay for it. This poses deep challenges for IT service firms trying to differentiate their services in this crowded market.

Service providers have to understand and manage their customer experiences if they are to generate profit and retain them. They have to maximize the use of Specialization, Solution Orientation and Global delivery to provide the best solutions at a cost effective price.

IT Services providers no longer have the luxury to approach a customer for business without a thorough knowledge of their business, understanding of problems and potential solutions for their industry. All these have to be crafted into value propositions and solutions that can be implemented rapidly for the customers. The winners in this new world of service will be companies with packaged solutions ready to be deployed to solve customer problems.

The author Niraj Tenany is the CEO and a Co-founder of Netwoven, a California based firm that focuses on Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence and Business Process Management with Microsoft technologies

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