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November - 2013 - issue > Top 25 Enterprise Software Companies
CureMD Revolutionizing Healthcare Information Management
SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
Healthcare industry, today, has the technology to digitize a human being in highest definition and in ways that most people thought would not be possible. The perfect digital storm includes immense, seemingly unlimited, computing power via cloud server farms, remarkable biosensors, genome sequencing, imaging capabilities and formidable health information systems. CureMD is an award-winning network of health information management systems and services, offering certified EMR, practice management, patient portal and medical billing to help accelerate adoption and meaningful use qualification-driving outcomes and subsidy payments to maximize value and returns. CureMD's advanced web technology and usability facilitate quality decision making, streamline operations and ensure compliance.

Headquartered in New York, CureMD provides all-in-one EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solution which is designed to personalize care delivery, enhance quality and patient safety, optimize efficiency and minimize cost. The integrated platform includes practice management; electronic health records (EHRs), patient portal and mobile care solution for medical practices of all sizes. CureMD EMR is about patient-centered health systems to help enhance patient experience. The solution transforms the fragmented and encounter-based care delivery system into a coordinated, patient-centered, cost-effective care delivery system that covers consumers - health needs across various providers and over time. CureMD EMR reduces cognitive overload, supports unique workflows and clinical approaches with specialty specific EMR Software using template-driven, point and click technology to enable accurate, complete and faster encounter documentation.

Research indicates that a growing number of patients prefer to remain connected with their physicians through the internet. Studies have also shown that constant and secure availability of their health information online helps patients manage their health more effectively with reduced complaints and oversights. Keeping physicians and their patients connected at all times, the patient portal of CureMD expedites practice workflows, ensures convenience for users and guarantees an improved overall patient experience. It simplifies some of the laborious administrative tasks within a medical practice. It eliminates paper work and reduces telephone calls for non-urgent matters. The 24X7 access means that patients no longer have to wait in a queue just to request appointments or a copy of their records.

When it comes to facilitating informed and effective decision making, CureMD has SMART Cloud solution which delivers complete information and evidence based knowledge when and where required to improve the quality of care, practice performance and patient experience. SMART Cloud solution is tailored for customers' specialty and unique workflow. They spend nothing on expensive hardware, set up or maintenance. They login from anywhere and connect with thousands of pharmacies, labs, hospitals, radiology, payers, patients and other providers.

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