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April - 2013 - issue > CIO Insights
Cost Cutting and Revenue Generation, a key for CIO's role
Thirumal Nagaratnam
Director-IT ISBAM, Harman International.
Monday, April 1, 2013
Harman International Industries Inc. (NYSE:HAR) is headquartered in Stamford. Harman International designs, manufactures and delivers audio and infotainment solutions for the automotive, professional and consumer lifestyle markets. The company has market capitalization of $3.02 billion.

Over the years there have been several technological innovations that have shaped the music industry. With BYOD still in a nurturing stage, Cloud has established itself as a lethal concoction in transforming the growth of a company in the industry. In an attempt to stay at the top of the industry, Harman International's current priority is enterprise applications like SAP and ERP, BIG Data and data mining which have become the norms in the industry. Integration of these two technologies successfully in the company’s system is the agenda for the coming years.

It's a small wonder that the CIO’s job involves managing backend processes and IT, but his priority is also to look at ways for streamlining the business process and simplifying it so as to reduce cost of business and generate revenue for the business.

Integrating Social Media is a key Challenge
Emulating with the trend of social networking which is an integral part of the new generation and at the same time have contrivances to control it and ascertain the security of the organization is a key challenge.

The most critical challenge facing CIOs is the decision of forecasting the required budget. Allocations of the same to areas which are more decisive along with the need to revise budget based on economic fluctuations are also of his interest. Outsourcing subjacent business processes, gives Harman the flexibility to read just budget allocations as compared to internal resources.
(As told to Sagaya Christuraj)

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