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Confrontation—the way to conflict resolution
G. P. Sudhakar
Thursday, February 1, 2007
It’s true that mid-level managers get the better of the senior management in case of a conflict with subordinates, but their job also entitles a lot of stress as they have to deal with less-mature team-members than the C level executives. Often, when a conflict arises between the team-members and the mid-level manager, the executives members skip one level in hierarchy and report to the senior manager. In such a situation, one has to keep in mind that the mid-level manager, by virtue of reporting into the senior manager, has more access to him than his subordinates. This could be one of the strong reasons for the manager’s victory in conflicting situations. Therefore reporting to senior manager is not necessarily the means to resolve a conflict.

There are different techniques to resolve conflicts among team members and between team members and the manager. They are confrontation, compromise, smoothing, and forcing. The confrontation method—keeping all facts and figures on the table—is the best technique to resolve conflicts.
It creates win-win situation for all parties.

The author is Product Manager, Canarys Automations.
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