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Anitha TS
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
The hiring process, from an organizational perspective, includes several steps, which often ends up being a highly challenging and time-consuming endeavor. Employers are constantly searching for ways to locate and retain the best talent that fits an organization's culture and strategies. However, finding talent doesn't always have to be a complicated task, in view of the multi-faceted attempts at the international level to counter the prominent challenges in hiring. The Rochester, New York based Avani Technology Solutions, was highly motivated by the possible advantages of a simpler and faster hiring process for the organization's growth. Thus, the firm introduced CEIPAL TalentHire, a cloud-based enterprise portal which utilizes native mobile applications as well to enable a faster, simpler and secure hiring for firms. This comprehensive talent management solution is bestowed with a unique range of key features that makes talent-hunt an enjoyable experience at all levels.

Avani has been a significant part of the consulting and software industry for several years. The journey to success from a mere start-up to INC 500 Company (listed in 2014 for INC 500 fastest growing private companies in America) was through different stages, wherein every progress encountered several challenges. The deep understanding and experience in dealing with varied challenges in an entrepreneurial journey has been instrumental in conceptualizing TalentHire. In other words, TalentHire is adaptable to the requirements of different organizations, it could be a start-up or a big player, TalentHire has solutions for all.

Staying Out of the Race

How TalentHire differentiates itself among several such products? The tool offers a wide range of advantageous features unlike most of its counterparts.

To begin with,
1. Mobile hire makes it an incredible ease in hiring from feedback updates to approvals at various stages of hiring.
2. Personalized dashboards for recruiters, hiring managers, and HR managers using custom build widgets
3. Customized career portals, and complete integrated on-boarding with personalized branding with all in click-of a button.
4. Predictive analytics in hiring includes hiring statistics, trend analytics, cost and time of hiring, etc.
5. Resume parsing, Encrypted personal data, Talent Tests for Screening, System generated candidate recommendations, Candidate Comparison by Skills & test scores, and many other useful tools
6. Social Media recruiting, Mass mailing, Vendor management, and Customer management tools for invoicing and other add-on elements are the key game changes in the product. With Mass Mailing, the aim is to facilitate a scenario wherein all advertisements could be filed through apps.

In addition, the tool is a SaaS (Software As A Service) based delivery model with ease to sign-up, pick-n-choose features and many others. TalentHire provides access irrespective of the location or time and saves the user from the task of infrastructure management.

Moreover, the mobile hiring enabled through TalentHire makes it easy for the recruiting team to hire anywhere anytime. Therefore, the cost and time involved comes down drastically, besides enhancing the overall recruiter productivity. "This feature is the most differentiating aspect about TalentHire, as even some of the top players remain unable to offer such a facility", explains Sameer Penakalapati, President & CEO.

The other stand-out feature about TalentHire is its customized Resume Parsing. For instance, while hiring resources, the recruitment team has to assess the details including a candidate's educational qualifications, previous work experience and many others, and record them. This being a highly time-consuming process could cause delays in recruitment. However, the issue is resolved with TalentHire, as through the tool, the documents are converted into an electronic profile within a matter of seconds as opposed to several hours.

In addition, this out-of-the-box solution is effectively customizable, with about ninety-five percentage of customization being possible. The benefits of this feature include customized reports, career portal, eBoarding portal, workflows or e-mail notifications. "In case of a corporate website being unavailable, the need for manually posting the recruitment ads is avoided, as it could be integrated with our tool. Further, we would be providing an url which enables direct and instant use", continues Sameer.

A Success Story

One of the business scenarios where TalentHire was successfully implemented was for a fast-growing consulting firm. The firm was trying to tackle the constantly increasing workforce. The excel-based recruitment process proved highly laborious, and ineffective in tackling the overload. The need of the hour was an out-of-the box solution which is scalable and capable of enhancing the overall productivity of the team.

The TalentHire brought in great results as a stand-out solution which organizations could start using by signing-up, without any other investment. Besides, the solution was apt for the situation with its anytime anywhere access. Moreover, the tool offered unprecedented assistance in managing the entire recruitment cycle and was easy- to-handle. Moreover, the mobile apps enabled hiring even from distant places.

TalentHire an End-to-end solution

According to Sameer, TalentHire is already in accordance with and leveraging the industry's most significant trends, the cloud and mobility. The other areas of focus with respect to the tool are with other CEIPAL product lines such as Worforce, eVerifyPlus, and PayDataExtract . In next 6 months, "CEIPAL would be a single integrated platform for companies from hiring candidates, on-boarding employees, managing workforce (includes Timesheet management, expense management, leaves management, and self-managed portal), and data extract engine to collect and disseminate data for payroll teams', says Sameer Penakalapati.

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