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Bitglass Agent-less Approach for BYOD Privacy
si Team
Monday, July 11, 2016
In the not so distant past, Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions were introduced as one of the essentials of enterprise security management. Since then, more organizations have effectively utilized MDM to secure their mobile devices-BYOD. But significant deployment and adoption challenges of MDM have compelled organizations to think beyond the requirement of software agents in controlling every device that upsets user experience and invades employee privacy. To help businesses procure security for their cloud, Bitglass-a Campbell, CA based firm provides SaaS security solution intended for enterprise customers. whose data is stored in the cloud and on mobile devices. This data includes data from the personal devices which can be accessed through corporate BYOD programs. "The invasion of privacy by MDM is a key reason that there are two billion mobile devices on the planet, but only a few million devices are managed by MDM," says Nat Kausik, CEO of Bitglass. "IT leaders looking to enable BYOD must focus on a data-centric, agent-less approach that respects user privacy."

Today, enterprises face challenges due to lack of encryption, tracking, and security of data in the devices which are not connected to the company's internal network. The current security solutions forces employees to install and run client software to get access to protected files and corporate emails. "The challenge is that the employee wants privacy and mobility," says Kausik. They want to protect their personal activity, like how they are using the phone and where are they located. Meanwhile, companies also need to secure their data. "That is the problem we are solving," he says.

Bitglass provides data security services in cloud application security, cloud access control, and mobile security. The firm provides Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution to enable data security on devices that protects data from cloud down to the device. Clients can enforce access controls and avoid data leakage by limiting sharing of data across numerous SaaS applications with the help of Bitglass' cloud security solution. The firm sets up a proxy to capture traffic when an employee logs into their corporate file stores. With the help of the cloud security solution, clients can identify problems related to cloud data and be notified of any suspected behavior. This solution helps clients to benefit from HIPPA and TGLBA regulations for enhanced security. It allows clients to control their own encryption with searchable AES 256-bit encryption while maintaining their own security keys.

The comprehensive cloud solution enables clients to run a secure authentication process of all the applications along with a multifactor authentication on new devices. With the help of Bitglass' mobile security solutions, clients can protect corporate data with an automated deployment procedure that requires no personnel or IT intervention. This works by automating the devices and configuring it to connect to Bitglass that also supports cloud applications, browsers, and native e-mails. Bitglass' integrated, high-performance DLP engine controls the access to sensitive and regulated data. By gaining full visibility over access to premises and cloud-based applications, clients can protect downloaded data through encryption, redaction, and watermarking.

To up with the competition, Bitglass will focus on embracing the changing spectrum of cloud security to enable clients acquire heightened business productivity. The firm also plans to integrate more features and streamline their solutions to offer seamless security solution to the users.
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