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April - 2013 - issue > CEO Spot Light
Balance between Delivering Value and Mitigating Risks of Emerging Technologies
Bhavesh C. Bhagat
Co-founder & Chairman-EnCrisp LLC /Confident Governance
Monday, April 1, 2013
Founded in 2004, Encrisp LLC and Confident Governance is a player in the Enterprise Solution Lifecycle Management and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Solutions. Headquartered in Reston, the company designs solutions to improve IT lifecycle efficiencies, regulatory governance, security architecture design, environmental sustainability and compliance audit risk.

The biggest trend I see in the industry today is towards convergence and connectivity. The constant intersection between content, community, devices and mobility has revolutionized how we consume information and interact with it though the emerging mediums. While this trend is slowly evolving in front of us what is new is the alarming rate at which individuals are willing to give up control over their information and behavior in this converged world in return for "promise" of convenience. What will be of particular interest is how we as a society adapt to this industry and innovations change and create a new environment for "Governance" of our personal and professional information and its analysis. Emerging technologies will change everything – how we work, how we live, how we communicate and indeed how we "Govern" at all levels of industry. This is the reason EnCrisp initiated a patent pending research and development of platform called Confident Governance to solve this issue.

Business Users will Drive Innovations

Leveraging mobile, social media, cloud and big data analytics organizations will need to put customers/users even more effectively at the Centre of the business product/service delivery just to survive. Business users are increasingly going to drive innovations rather than IT departments and technology geeks trying to do what’s cool for that decade like ERP or BI. Also socially the shift towards consumers giving up more control over their business and personal lives will impact tremendous amounts of new software and hardware innovations using the emerging technologies as well as new advances in technologies such as sensors and nano, etc. The nexus of forces that we see playing out will in next few years push us to create new approaches for security, risk management and value delivery amongst emerging platforms which will require some time to be stabilized. This is the niche space in which EnCrisp/Confident Governance has chosen to excel in and deliver great solutions to our customers globally.

Evolving with the Shift in Technology

We are amongst a major shift and evolution of platforms in technology. All these changes are not just technical in nature but have a direct social impact for entrepreneurs to succeed in next decade. They will need to understand what emerging technologies to back and how to deliver their innovations to consumers. Entrepreneurs have to master the balance between how to deliver the value and mitigate the risks of the emerging technologies they back. Funding environment globally is also shifting with tactical shifts of economic stability regionally and entrepreneurs will need to adapt to raising the funding in a world trying to get its economic footing on solid ground.
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