B.NET Group Explore the limits of .NET
Shivani Mody
Friday, September 1, 2006
B.NET (Bangalore Dot Net) is like the hottest pub in the city for .NET programmers. Every weekend hundreds of hardcore, technology gluttonous members meet up to soak inside Microsoft .NET technologies. Their revelry lies in brainstorming technologies that could change the world.

For beginners, .NET is a Framework tool that introduces a completely new model for the programming and deployment of applications.

An 8300-member group, B.NET is today the largest active .NET group, which provides a platform for people to express their needs regarding technology and its knowledge. Each day, there are emails flying back and forth, brainstorming and exchanging views, among the Group members. Every member of the user community can share their views, give feedback, suggest ideas, request topics for discussion and even feature as a speaker.

.NET’s unique concept of user ownership allows its users to run the show entirely. They use feedback as a mechanism from which group-leaders finalize high priority topics for discussion. Another method used by the group is to select a list of topics and give it to the users, to rate them. The top five topics are then chosen for discussions at events, based on the ratings.

With a view of keeping the community involved in exploring limits of technology the B.NET group organizes events and contests. These forums are open to discussion and interaction, knowledge sharing but predominantly driven by a strong desire to learn more and more. The information provided at these events not only helps the IT community but also the large student-body associated with technology fields. They even conduct technical sessions periodically where the Microsoft professionals and Microsoft Valuable Professionals (MVP) address the groups giving detailed technical insights.

There are multiple theme based events held, for example the DevCon needs a special mention. Highly rated speakers discuss about Technology for two long days on topics rated by the community. The Developer, IT Pro and the Student community gather for this two-day gala event where they understand the current technologies and business requirements. Most importantly the community gets a chance to talk and interact with the amazing speaker group the whole day.

Five MVPs started the group with support from Microsoft and the International .NET Association (INETA). The MVP’s created the group aiming to make a difference in the society. Membership is free. And the best part is that the events are also free! As a self-sustained group the B.NET group believes in imparting knowledge for the sheer pleasure of working with technology and educating the public of using the technology the right way. To register to the group, logon to groups.msn.com/BDotNet and just Sign-in and after approval from managers you will have access to post messages, get answers, and attend the Techno-fun filled events.

Being part of the community is simply amazing and infectious too in a way. The longer one stays with the group the more sound they get understanding the technology. The group talks from basic Level 100 to advanced core concepts of Level 400 during meetings. This allows members to learn and explore new technologies which they might have not explored yet. Anyone who is passionate about Microsoft Technologies and willing to share or learn can join the group.

Gaurav Khanna Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, Deepak Gulati, Microsoft, Kashinath, Co-Manager of B.NET, Vinod Kumar, Co-Manager of B.NET, Saravana Kumar, Microsoft and Srinivas Sampath, Project Director at SunGard are some of the renowned speakers associated with the group. And as for the future the B.NET User Group keeps on re-inventing itself to enhance the user community experience all the time.

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