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Aviso Emerges With $8M to Keep Corporations On Top Of Their Financials
SI Team
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Aviso Inc., formerly known as Gnana Inc. has emerged with $8 million in funding to help companies understand their financial performance in time to avoid missing their numbers or suffering other painful financial events. The Series A funding comes from Shasta Ventures, which incubated the company, along with Cowboy Ventures, First Round Capital, Bloomberg BETA and several individual investors. Valuation is not disclosed.

Started two years ago by K.V. Rao, who previously founded the cloud subscription company Zuora Inc., and Dr. Andrew Abrahams, who headed quantitative research at JP Morgan Chase, Aviso is taking advantage of fast modern computers, open Application Programming Interfaces and the types of quantitative techniques used by Wall Street to help corporate executives rapidly extract and delve into their data in time to correct any emerging problems before the quarter ends.

Aviso is the leading predictive insights software designed for helping sales teams optimizing their performance and exceeding their revenue goals. Aviso insights is the first data science solution for sales successes. It boosts the sales performance with smart decisions. "Sales leaders are inundated with information, including
reports and dashboards that claim to automate decision making, but actually provide very little insight into what to do," said K. V. Rao, Founder and CEO, Aviso.

"We enable business leaders to trust their judgment and experience while taking into account the risks and tradeoffs, enabling them to make decisions with confidence to consistently hit or exceed their revenue goals."

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