Are you a Globizen?
si Team
Wednesday, March 1, 2006
BBC World TV, in its Global Indian Survey to be formally announced at a future date, has identified ‘globizens’ or global citizens. A globizen is an Indian whose attitude and behavior are international. Such persons who comprise 16 percent of the survey universe of 8 million people in India - is a ‘Globizen’, in contrast to people whose attitude or behavior are less strongly international. So, what’s a Globizen like? He’s most likely to be an affluent, upper-class Indian male. While 56 percent of all those surveyed were male, 66 percent fit the Globizen tag.

A Globizen is likely to be a person whose opinion counts: 21 percent are likely to have addressed a professional conference as an official speaker and even published articles, papers or books. They share the rest of the world’s optimism about India. They are also high net worth individuals and heavy Internet users. They are early adapters of new technology and new media: 63 percent of Globizens access the Internet. And they are almost thrice as likely to own PDAs and palmtop computers.

Bangalore’s Globizens are the most positive about the standard of living in big Indian cities. Over 35 percent of Globizens are concentrated in Mumbai, while another 20 percent can be found in Hyderbad.
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