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Anuradha Duttagupta, IDeaS
ST Team
Monday, July 3, 2006
Anuradha Duttagupta
General Manager, HR, IDeaS (Integrated Decisions and Systems, Inc)
Product Company in Revenue Optimization.
Headcount- 150

What I like:
I like the confidence techies show during interviews. Confidence could be related to work. I also like it when they ask about their role in the company and their career growth path. Techies are very clear about their career when they ask, “how far I am going in this company.” It shows how well they are prepared about their career. It is these people who go a great length in understanding the company and challenges it offers.

Recently we were hiring trainees. There was this guy, a first—class computer science graduate from not a great engineering college of Pune. We told him clearly, the job is only for three months and if we like his work we will take him permanently. But I was impressed when he asked about his career growth path and what would be his vertical and lateral growth in the organization in the next few years. How the role was going to add value to his qualification and profession.

He had great communication skills and was an excellent listener. We took him and he’s doing an amazing job in the company.

What I don’t like:
There are people whose whole conversation revolves around money. The moment they come to the interview room, they wait for just one question and that is Money. I also don’t like people who don’t come prepared for the interview. They show a blank face when either asked about the company or some technology. There are people whose resume is decorated with multiple job—hops. I don’t like them either.

Recently I met a candidate a senior QA engineer who had applied for a Tech—lead position. He only wanted to know how much more he could be paid to better his previous salary. It was clear that the candidate had more than one offer and was talking to us for a salary bargain. We dropped him like a hot potato.
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