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Airtel Unveils Windows Based Virtual Desktop
Shoukath Koduvally
Sunday, March 1, 2009
Airtel broadband users have something to cheer about as the Internet service provider has come up with a Windows-based online desktop which gives access to a personal virtual desktop from any computer connected to the Internet. The initiative, powered by Microsoft and Nivio, is expected to pave the way for easy and affordable access to computing and broadband in India. This service will be available to all Airtel broadband customers across 95 cities in India.

The online desktop is accessible through any computer with Internet access and allows users to rent software per month. Airtel offers various plans for customers- for Rs. 99 a month, customers get 5 GB of online storage space and for Rs. 199, free Antivirus protection, Windows-based operating system, and automatic backup of data that is accessible from anywhere in the world form part of the package. Specially-tailored Professional and Business Packs at Rs. 399 and Rs. 699 per month respectively that provide a Windows-based Operating System and MS Office.

"With this initiative, Airtel hopes to increase computer and broadband penetration by making it easy, affordable, and with low access barriers. Our online desktop platform will be useful in making computing more accessible to SMBs, SMEs, and SOHOs as well as individual home customers of Airtel broadband," says Bindal, President, Telemedia Services, Bharti Airtel.

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